Do not hold back your tears!

Do not hold back your tears!

It is certain that crying is not pleasant. However, whether we like it or not, crying is an integral part of human nature.

In fact, it is the first thing a newborn baby does when it comes to birth, and it is the first means of communication of a baby.

The reasons we cry vary between sadness, frustration, rage and even joy. Thus, it is interesting to explore this manifestation of emotions that we all experience.

Do not Cry !

How many times have we heard this phrase in our life? Just because tears are associated with suffering and weakness.

Many people are anxious and do not know how to react to someone who breaks down in tears, as if it were something terrible, when in reality there is nothing more normal.

And yet, we spend our time repressing and stifling our tears, instead of expressing our psychological ill-being.

And that's without mentioning men! Unfortunately, in our society, a crying man is perceived as a weak person.

All these stereotypes created by our society around tears are not necessary, and are even harmful because they lead to a repression of our emotions that can become dangerous.

However, crying from time to time relieves and restores emotional balance.

The calm after the storm

Our body is smart, and if we cry it's good because tears play a role in the balance of our organism and our psyche.

From a physiological point of view, when we cry, two complementary hormones are produced: adrenaline and norepinephrine. The first allows us to face stressful situations, while the second allows us to relax after possible tensions.

So when we start crying, we are usually restless and worried, but when the tears have run out, we enter a state of serenity and relaxation, such as the calm after a big storm.

Do not be ashamed to cry!

Emotional intelligence is the ability to become aware of our emotions and accept them without judgment or repression.

Let's look at some principles to apply:

Staying close to your emotions allows you to feel them fully, without rejecting them, although your first reaction is ignorance and rejection.

These emotions have an important message to communicate, and if you do not try to listen to it, it will find another way to explode, which unfortunately, will not be under your control.

• Once you've made a little room for your emotions, do not judge them and do not tell yourself that you are weak to feel them; you are simply human.

Breathe deeply for a few moments and you will feel physical signs (lump in the throat, muscle tension or compressed chest).

If at that moment you feel the need to cry, accept it and let your tears flow.

• Be less hard on yourself. Be kind to your fragility as a human, for we all share it. When you cry, do not forget to repeat messages of support and understanding.

• If you follow these tips, these tears will make you stronger (amazing, is not it?)

Although it may seem surprising, by accepting every aspect of your personality, and not just the most admirable, you will gain greater esteem and respect for yourself.

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