Do not carry a person on your shoulders, carry it in your heart

Do not carry a person on your shoulders, carry it in your heart

If some people weigh down your life, start wearing them in your heart, not on your shoulders.

Do not make their problems an extra burden in your life, and do not turn them into a burden you have to carry.

The people around you are so much more than that. They are part of your life, but they are also the main object of theirs. So, each of us must carry his own weight, and do not add that of others.

If we make ourselves solely responsible for our own existence, we will be better able to help others solve their problems, understand their emotions and get out of difficult situations, without them being dependent on anyone.

Emotional parasites

Emotional parasites are the people who live in the sphere of our feelings, our emotions and our thoughts.

They are not necessarily bad people, but they are usually drowned in the sum of their complexes, and fail to invest in their own existence.

It is possible to distinguish two major types of emotional parasites. We will study them later in this article.

Dependent parasites

These parasites cling to a part of us, and spend their time confiding their moments of sadness, their bad passes in order to comfort them.

These people need us to relieve their malaise in the world around them, while when they are well, we rarely hear about them.

When they feel satiated, they totally forget who fed them. However, when they feel the need to surround themselves with someone able to validate their state of mind, they come back.

This behavior burns all our energy, but also contaminates us with a negativity that will eventually gnaw at us.

These parasites are characterized by incessant complaints, a pessimistic and dark state of mind. They are used to asking us constantly our opinion so that they can get out of the torpor in which they are.

The eyes with which they look at life are so obscure that they make us wonder about our own vision of the world.

Aggressive parasites

Secondly, we find emotional parasites that behave aggressively, by taking advantage of their charm, their charisma and their ability to persuade, and making very seductive promises.

These are the people who gradually fog us and gradually invade our lives. They demand more and more marks of affection, without ever wondering about the emotional consequences that this can have on their victim.

In love or friendship, these parasites think only of their own needs, and even if they do not do so premeditatedly, they place their interests and whims above all else.

In the same way, they reject systematically all the reproaches that can make them the people of which they abuse.

They constantly ask for affection and attention, gradually making the situation unbreathable. They cause feelings of uselessness and low self-esteem in the person who loves them, and place them in a situation of great insecurity.

This situation absorbs all the energies of the victim, and the latter becomes psychologically worn out.

This person usually takes the initiative to detoxify his parasite for a period of time, but on his return, his energy will be depleted even more quickly.

Get rid of your parasites, and take your own path

If you feel that you support the weight of others' obligations on your shoulders, take a moment to analyze and reflect on emotional imbalances what causes these relationships on you.

Keep in mind that the emotional parasite transmits its own charges and contaminates you with its emotional states. It is quite possible that you will feel very tired and very weak psychologically.

It is therefore very important that you return to the belly of your life your personal needs, which are during this period spent in the background.

Once you have done it, you must make them prevail over those of others. This does not mean that you have to stop loving this person, but you simply need to protect yourself from certain aspects of your personality to preserve your emotional balance.

You must not feel guilty or incapable because you can not meet the needs of others. Everyone is responsible for his own existence, and the others are only part of yours.

You must be the master of your life. Do not put yourself in the role of savior of the people around you because we are all responsible for our happiness.

Illustrations by Erback Studios, Nicoleta Ceccoli and Anita Mejia

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