Do everything to realize your dreams

Do everything to realize your dreams

In life, if you want to achieve your dreams or achieve your goals, you will have to go out, go get them, and go on, without giving up.

The opportunities will pass under your nose and will sometimes go very far away, if you do not go to meet them. What is certain is that they will not wait for you.

Often, we complain about not living the life we ​​wanted, not doing the job we wanted, or the opportunities we hoped to seize do not come. But, did you really do everything to get what you wanted and to make it happen?

For these kinds of questions, quick recipes do not usually work. Indeed, they require a mixture of ingredients of attitudes and aptitudes, with some condiments like the persistence and the passion of what you do, all sprinkled with improvisation of ingredients such as the search for alternatives and the tolerance of frustration.

Most of the time, an opportunity is created and built. In other words, you create it and you build it … You just have to know clearly what you want in your life and then take the path that leads you there.

Formulate your objectives, in a simple and concrete way. If they are very general, determine what are the specific goals that will allow you to reach your target, always in a positive way. However, always be aware that this is a process.

As in any process, you will have to take risks. Of course, to help you, you can rely on a past experience in which you have achieved something. You can also draw inspiration from someone who serves as an example.

Remember that any risk requires the responsibility to take charge of your decisionsand most importantly, your feelings in this journey. Stop blaming others or circumstances and arm yourself with courage to hold the reins of your life.

You will encounter obstacles, unforeseen events and disappointments, and there will be times when you want to throw in the towel. In these moments, your feelings will be determining.

I often think of this sentence from the movie "Into the Wild" in which the protagonist mentions that in life, it is much more important to feel strong than to be strong.

Feel that you can, that you can do it and do everything to get there!

Even if you sometimes think of using the right processes and skills, you may be mistaken, but you will only see it if you take the path …

Every crisis, every mistake or every failure is an opportunity to get up again.

Do not be afraid of this opportunity to rectify your mistakes and learn from them
because that is what will bring you experience to bring you closer to what you want and, in general, of yourself.

When trying to achieve a dream or achieve a goal, the path is external but also internal. Indeed, it will allow you to know you well and to deepen the deepest areas of your essence.

So, when you want something, go get itdo everything in your power and open all possible doors to keep going.

It is you who choose the materials, shape, colors and size of the lock, then find the key that will allow you to achieve what you want.

Finally, it is you who decide the attitude to adopt when building the door and you who decide to change path. Be constant, persevere and struggle.

As the Spanish poet Machado said: "Walker, there is no way. The path is built by walking … "

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