Dismantle horror movies that flutter in your mind

Dismantle horror movies that flutter in your mind

When we make fear guilty of our inhibition, we give it power over our isolation and our phobias. But, the reality is that we feed fear in a totally unconscious way. For this reason, if fear paralyzes you, we will help you today dismantle one by one the horror movies that clutter your mind.

The horrible patterns that you let stir in your mind are nothing more than facts fueled by fantasies. It may be that you have experienced a traumatic experience that has so marked you that it forces you to live with the fear of recidivism. Let's give an example.

Imagine that you were assaulted and threatened with a knife. It's an event that has impacted you so much that each time you go out into the street, you're sure the same thing is going to happen. This is because the horror movies that move in your mind relive this moment, making you believe that it can be repeated. Sometimes you can even imagine other scenarios, other actors … You fantasize, you dream awake and you feed your own fear.

Horror movies that flutter in your mind can limit you

Previously, we took the example of a past situation, of a lived experience. But what about when this experience is not lived … but that the fear is beautiful and well present? It happens much more often than we think and the problem is that it limits us and prevents us from doing what we really want.

For example, if you want to start your own business, but the negative patterns of your mind imagine a failure or public humiliation; it is likely that you stay in your comfort zone. It's unprecedented. Nevertheless, it pushes you not to get into the action.

You anticipate the circumstances by imagining negative patterns that probably will not become reality.

For this reason, we are going to offer you an exercise so that the horror films of your mind stop preventing you from doing what you want to do and so allow you to live what you would like to experience. For this, it is essential to take a paper and a pen and try to answer the following questions:

1.What is the worst thing that could happen to you?

Take this fear present in your negative thoughts and be aware that it is for you the worst thing that can happen. Is it really failure that limits you to taking risks? If we take the example of the beginning in which fear is the fruit of a bad experience, what is the worst thing that could happen to you? What happens to you the same thing?

In the case of the fear of failure, look for what generates it. It may be the lack of training. If so, start training yourself. If you do not have the resources to do this, consider the internet which provides a large amount of free material to enable you to gain knowledge without paying a dime.

What happens if my fear is generated by a bad experience, for example, an assault? In this case, you could enroll in a personal defense class to feel safer and face this fear. Thus, you will feel safer and that will allow you to face this fear. As you see it, there are alternatives to overcome most of our fears.

2. What is the probability that this will happen?

To dismantle the horror movies that are happening in your mind, it's very important to make an objective analysis of your fear. If you are afraid of failure, think about the probability that it will happen. If you can count on some people around you to guide you or if you imagine a plan B, the probability will be reduced considerably.

In the same way, in the case where you have been assaulted, what is the probability that it will happen again? Until that moment, it never happened to you, why would the probabilities have increased because it happened to you once? Your perception has been affected by this experience, but you can transform it.

3. Does fear compensate you?

This question is very important. It is therefore very important that you know if the fear you feel compensates you or not in a certain way. Remember that fear is useful for our survival. If we face a danger, fear can help us out of this situation. But, take the fear that affects you and think: Does this fear help me for something? Let's take a look at the situations in which fear is bad for you:

  • If you think that in the future you will regret not having done something, fear is useless.
  • When fear prevents you from living normally and it makes you sad and isolated; fear does not fulfill its true mission.
  • If you notice that fear is an obstacle to your personal growth, you must now face it.
  • Are horror movies in your mind fantastic? If they can not in any case be realized in life, you feed an error.
It does not matter what kind of fear you feel or create. It is important that you do an analysis of it to dismantle little by little the horror films that you have in mind and that are only movies.

The "for " and the "against "of your fear

Once you have written answers to previous questions, make a chart of for and against. Imagine you want to write a book. Nevertheless, you are unable to get started. The fear of failure, of humiliation, of not doing well, slows you down. So, years go by, while horror movies continue to scroll in your mind. Let's see what we could say about this situation:

For write a bookAgainst write a book
· I will do what I always wanted to do

· Although it does not please everyone, I will have written a book that will correspond to what I wanted.

· Critics will allow me to learn.

· It will help my personal development.

· It will allow me to mature.

· Whatever happens, I will not regret doing it.

· I'm afraid no one reads me

· I will not be able to face failure, I will feel ashamed and humiliated.

· I think writing a book is too important for me.

If we see both boxes, we will be aware of something very strange. The box of for invite to action. On the other hand, the box of againstrefers to a series of circumstances that paralyze us and that make us predict the future without knowing how it will unfold. What is the best? Predict or try?

If we still do not have clear ideas, let's focus on the box of for which contains much more point than the box of against. This box is therefore much more valuable and important. It clearly compensates for getting into what we love. Let's stop putting that off.

In conclusion…

During your life, your mind will witness many horror movies. It is even very likely that some people collapse in the face of the truth. Speaking in public was not so terrifying as what you had imagined and it's the same for other challenges, in other circumstances and situations. To dismantle them little by little and consciously will allow you to understand that there is no limit. It is they who limit you, the films that you create and which are only films. Movies…

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