Discover the beauty of having a unique body

Discover the beauty of having a unique body

Each person builds their body image from what they see in the mirror. Other factors are also involved, such as the concept of self or self-esteem derived from the perception of one's own body, personality, experiences or education. Furthermore, the sociocultural context and the influence of the beauty ideals of society raise a very complex portrait of the body image.

There are many forms of dissatisfaction with one's own body. There are women who, even when they come close to what society claims to be beautiful, still despise themselves. Other women feel that society punishes them for weighing more than what is "good" and so they feel contempt. Sometimes the discomfort is mild, but sometimes it is so intense that it causes a lot of suffering, up to a certain point, anorexia nervosa, bulimia, bigorexia, etc.

We find that there are women who would like to be slimmer, others who suffer from not being athletic enough; some would like to have fewer curves in their bodies while others live complexed not to see enough.

In an attempt to counter this harmful context, associations and initiatives such as the Association En Chemin or HelloAsso were born. These projects work both on the prevention of eating disorders, on the awareness and empowerment of people with problems of body dissatisfaction.

"In fact, I was trapped in the balance exercise, I was the kind of person who weighs you three times a day, and you start to realize that what is in question is not the number that 'indicates the scale, but the way you project yourself.'

-Chrissy Teigen-

Socio-aesthetic workshop on the way

Where women have everything wrong is to want to change their bodies and not the world

Female discontent with regard to the body is spreading more and more: 80% of women feel bad in their bodies. This epidemic of dissatisfaction is due in part to the ongoing pressure we are exposed to in the media, on the street, at work and even in the family context. Comments on women and their bodies, their wrinkles, their lack of form or excess form are almost constant.

It is not surprising that with this scenario, women are increasingly concerned to adapt their image, which is exclusive, to a copy sketched and established by the world of fashion and marketing. Keeping in mind that the gap between the average mensuration of the female population and that of the "ideal body" is increasing, it is quite understandable that general discontent, about the very image of the female population, has increased. As the range of "what is acceptable" is reduced, more and more women are excluded from what is "appropriate".

"When I was growing up, I was always" plump. "Being compared to my sisters was something we used to do, but to be compared so harshly made me think," Well, that's my condition. " Then I started to say it in front of the others, it was like, "I'm the fat, funny little sister, who cares? "And I almost started to believe it myself – in fact, I was not fat or obese, but I let society make me believe that if."

-Khloe Kardashian-

When the "normalized" generates eating disorders

All layers of society must consider the problem of dissatisfaction, in part, as something we generate ourselves. Extend the concept of beauty to the point that physical characteristics are an obligation to the emotional well-being of many women. These, unhappy with their body image, end up developing eating disorders such as anorexia or bulimia.

"When I grew up, I never received a positive comment on the image of my body from any woman in my life, I only heard negative comments. from a very early age, it schedules you to self-criticize and depreciate you. "

-Kate Winslet-

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