Difficult personalities: do you recognize yourself in one of them?

Difficult personalities: do you recognize yourself in one of them?

Every day we discover new personalities with whom we must live together, even if we do not want to. Sometimes people around us turn out to be toxicand it's up to us to decide to get away from it or be strong and not let ourselves be affected.

"People with simple characters, without complications, are difficult to understand."
-Hugo von Hofmannsthal-

Today we are going to talk about these difficult personalities, for whom we find it hard to feel empathy.

For example, who has never known a hostile person, or who complains about everything? And what about those who always think they are right?

Perhaps you will recognize yourself in the personalities we are going to describe below, or maybe you have been subjected to the behavior of one of these people. Whatever your position, the most important thing is to be aware of it.

I know everything !

We are certain that at work or at school you have known a gentleman or a madam "I know everything", who boasted of his facilities to get out of any problem with his fingers in his nose. There are two types of people who know everything, or rather, who think they know everything.

First of all there are those who act as if they are smarter and above everyone else.

Then there are those who are really smarter and who know everything or almost everything. However, their desire to be better than others makes them selfish.

If you have been a victim of these people who know everything about everything, you will know that they are used to note all the mistakes of others. In addition, they love to always be right, and continually seek the approval of others.

This behavior sometimes makes them more ridiculous than sure of them. However, this security is called into question by the obsession to draw attention to them constantly.

In addition, people tend to get away from such people because they feel humiliated by the "I know everything" mistakes they make.

Nothing is ever going!

People who always see everything in black are another type of difficult personality. They never see the positive side of things, but focus on the obstacles and the barriers they encounter on their way.

Pessimistic people are often angry. Sometimes they may be discouraged or sad, but the most common is to be angry and angry at the whole world.

It is very important not to be carried away by this type of personality which can plunge you in a deep distress and a great sadness and forcing you to see everything with a negative eye.

"Let pessimism for better times."

If you have ever been touched or drowned by pessimism, surround yourself with people who are always positive. Thus, you will be able to see a little light in the darkness.

To be or not to be, that is the question

Do you consider yourself an indecisive person? If that's the case, you're probably part of the people who have a hard time making decisions.

The undecided are very thoughtful people, but who are very afraid to take risks.

They are constantly full of doubts, and never some of the choices they had to make in their lives.

If you are one of those people who are silent for fear that their opinions are upset, or who are suspicious of everything, you are surely an indecisive person.

"There is no more unhappy regret than being undecided."
-William James-

It can scare away people who think they can not count on you, because they will never know if you really think what you are saying, if you are really sure of yourself or if your doubts push you to opt for what has chosen the majority.

Do you know other types of difficult personalities? What do you think of these?

Becoming connected to these people or being part of them, but also their bad sides. The most important thing is to know how to differentiate them and to be aware that they all affect us one way or another.

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