Destiny does not visit home

Destiny does not visit home

Fate, also called fate, fatum or star, does not visit us at home. If we want to cross it, we have to go out and get it. Because even if we think that reality is there to satisfy our desires as if by magic,our desires will not become real unless we make efforts to achieve them. Sometimes this is not even enough.

I believe thatthe best moments of our lives are usually those where we take control of our lives.Those in which we act by making decisions and, in a way, gain control of our destiny. Instead of praying to the universe or hoping that the planets line up, we must ask ourselves what we really want to achieve. Once we know it clearly, it will be time to start working towards this goal.

"Look for a destiny, whatever you want, because you will never know when death will come."


We write our destiny with our decisions

We create our destiny with every step we take and with every choice we make.However, too many people think that you just have to let yourself go and wish for something to happen. In my opinion, this is not true. The only way to get what we want is to fight for it.

By the way, some believe thatevery person comes into the world with a specific destiny.According to this idea, we all have something to achieve, a message to deliver or a job to complete. We would not be there by accident but would have a purpose in our existence.

But no matter what we think or not. In the end, everyone has their own destiny, the one created under the threads of our decisions. The only imperative is to follow him, to fight for him, to accept him.Each of us must do what He thinks to be the most accurate at every moment of our life.

"You have to believe in something – your instinct, life, karma, anything – that perspective has never disappointed me and has made all the difference in my life."

-Steve Jobs-

Destiny: superstition or reality?

Here is a storywho analyzes how destiny can or can not affect our lives.We hope you like it.

David was a very godly and observant man.A devout Jew and believer. One night, while sleeping, an angel appeared in his dreams.

-David, said the angel,I come from heaven to give you a wish.God has decided to reward you and he sends me to carry you this message. You can ask what you want: when you wake up, you'll get it. When you wake up, you will remember everything that happened and you will know that it is not the fruit of your imagination. So tell me. What do you want above all?

David thought for a moment and remembered something was haunting him lately. It was his own death. He asked for the following:

-I want you to tell me exactlywhen and at what time will I die?

After hearing this, the angel turned pale and hesitated.

-I do not know if I can tell you.

-You told me you could do everything. But that's what I want.

-I also told you that it was a reward and if I reveal to you what you ask me, you will live unhappy by counting the days that you have left until your death, says the angel .It will not be a gift but a punishment.Choose something else.

David thinks again. Butwhen the idea of ​​death sneaks into your head, it is sometimes difficult to make it disappear.

"Tell me, in any case, when I'm going to die.

The angel realized he could not do anything to get that idea out of his head. If he did not answer him, he would not fulfill his mission, which was to reward David. Therefore,he reluctantly agreed.

-Because you are a good man and a good believer, you will have the honor to be one of the elect who die on the holiest day of the week.You will die at the time of Shabbat.

Then the angel departed. David slept peacefully until the early hours of the morning.

When he awoke, as the angel had told him, he remembered his dream.He felt lucky to be the only man to know when he died, that is, a Saturday.

The following days took place quietly. At least, until Friday.As he prepared for Saturday's arrival, David began to tremble.

And if it was this Saturday? Is this the reason the angel appeared this week? And why would he go to the temple on the last day of his life?If he were to die, he preferred to stay at home.David realized that he had made a mistake. He knew one thing he would have preferred to ignore because it brought him only suffering, just like those around him and loved him.

The man finally thought he would find the solution.He would read the Torah from Friday night to Saturday nightbecause no one can die while reading the sacred Jewish book.

And that is what he did.Two or three months passed then, a Saturday morning,While David was reading the sacred book, he heard through the window the voice of someone desperately shouting:

Fire ! Fire !The house is on fire. Get out! There is fire … Quick …!

It was Shabbat and David remembered the angel's message. But he also remembered that the Zohar assured him that he would be safe as long as he read the Torah. To convince himself of this, he repeated himself internally:

-Nothing can happen to me, I'm reading the Torah.

But the voices of the street were becoming more and more insistent. May those who are in the house come out!You hear me ? Get out quickly, after it will be too late!

David shivered. This happened to him because he had tried to play with fate and wanted to try to save his life.He was going to die, victim of his attempt to save himself.

"It may not be too late," he said to himself. Then he closed the book, looked up the stairs and saw that the fire had not reached this place yet. He went down the stairs trying to avoid certain death, ran and began to go down two by two.It was then that he stumbled and ran down the stairs to the ground, where his head hit the last step.

He died instantly, on Shabbat, without knowing thatthe fire was in the house opposite and he would never have reached his.His concern about fate had caused him to die prematurely.

Destiny is not a question of luck, but of choice

Our destiny is not written in the stars, in the wind or in the earth. Become the only master aboard the boat of your life! Learn more
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