Depression: sentences to go forward

Depression: sentences to go forward

Depression is a complicated subject. Many people suffer from depression for years without showing it, while others are more open to the subject.

However, the people who suffer from it all have one thing in common: they must face it every day as if it were a challenge.

When you are weak and depression is oppressing you, think back to the following sentences. This will not solve the underlying problem, but will help you keep hope.

"What a wonderful life was mine. If only I had realized it earlier! "- Colette

Life does not have to be perfect. Hazards are proof that we are progressing gradually on the path of life. It's common for depression to prevent you from seeing all the wonders around you, but that does not mean there's none.

Think of people who love you, and even more of those whom you love. Give yourself time to falter from time to time, but then get up and move on.

One day, you will realize that all your injuries are imprints in your mind, which give you shape.

"Depression is fueled by unhealed wounds" – Penelope Sweet

If you do not learn to heal your past, you will not have a happy future.

The moments in which you stay locked up crying to heal your heart momentarily, let you know what to solve.

It's part of the process, but after that you have to act. Look for the help you need and agree to be accompanied.

"I have committed the worst sin I can commit: I have not been happy" – Jorge Luis Borges

Life is ephemeral and short, and we are only a sigh. That's whyit is obligatory to learn to be happy.

Do not just watch the days scroll past each other, butlook for reasons to smile, even if you are in a bad situation or want to cry and get away from the world.

Go out, enjoy the sun, chat with friends, meet people you particularly like and laugh.

You would not want old age to fall on you and realize that you missed all these beautiful things.

"Depression is the inability to build a future" – Rollo May

While you are stuck in the past, your future can not begin. Life will seem hazy and aimless.

The secret is not to forget his past, but to learn to fight against him to build the life of your dreams.

What's holding you back? Do you prefer to be strong and move forward or give importance to something insignificant?

Do not feel guilty, because we have all experienced such passions, but what matters is knowing how to continue despite the defeats of life.

"Depression is a prison where you are both the prisoner of suffering and the cruel jailer" – Dorothy Rowe

Unlike other problems, in a situation of depression, your worst enemy is yourself.

Indeed, you enter a vicious circle filled with guilt, suffering, sadness and loneliness.

You can not accept that! You are the master of your life and you must take responsibility and regain control. Only you can decide when to suffer and when to rise.

Find the strength to value yourself and minimize what hurts you.

"Every day begins with an act of courage and hope: getting out of bed" – Anonymous

One of the goals of addicts is to live one day at a time, because you can not make plans for a lifetime if you have not decided to fight today.

Even if you do not feel like it, you have to get up and get ready each day. Keep your house in order and make sure you fulfill all your obligations.

The more time you spend doing nothing, the more likely you are to be overwhelmed by depression.

What are you waiting for to fight for you?

Only people who have suffered from depression know how difficult it is to move forward.

No one has the right to judge you because you are weak and you do not have the strength to continue.

You must do something to help you up, because no one can fight for you.

Life is trying to overcome one obstacle at a time.
And today, it's time to fight sadness and smile.

Cry, scream or express yourself as you wish, but keep moving forward, because there are still so many beautiful things to live …

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