Deny ... or accept

Deny … or accept

acceptance is a magical door that closes in the face of problems and opens up to opportunities. (Rafael Hernampérez)

Deny to avoid reality

Throughout our lives, we are forced to face many painful experiences such as illness, death, disillusionment or separation.
The suffering provoked by these experiences is already substantial, but if, in addition, we begin to deny, then we add a part of superfluous suffering and we would easily do without it.

Denyis not seeing reality, it is being invaded by feelings such as rage, disgust, rejection or indignation, in other words by an emotional movement that makes us lose our calm and takes away all lucidity.

Negation causes a emotional turmoiland under these conditions, it is difficult to foresee the appropriate solution, because it is as if this emotion is accentuated as one becomes aware of what is happening or new that we just learned.
And if we do not do anything to manage that, it will be very difficult to move forward.

Not only does negation accentuate suffering, but it also reduces the chances of finding a solution or an adequate response to the unpleasant situation we are facing.
Indeed, to deny is to prevent ourselves from analyzing clearly the situation in which we find ourselves, but also to put in place a solution, because of the emotions that causes a negative behavior.

Consequently, not only does the negation make it all the more painful, but because of it, we are unable to find a solution to the problem facing us.

Rejection and negation are quite natural reactions as every living being tends to move away from what can be harmful to them to focus on what is good for them.

These reactions arise when an event that one would have preferred never to live occurs, and over which one can not have any control since all that one can do in these cases if one wants to go before, it's finding a solution.

So we are wasting energy trying to get involved in the internal conflict that is raging in us rather than looking for the path to the solution and moving in that direction.

Acceptance is an attitude of the present

If we do not deny, then we commit to acceptance, that which will allow us to see the reality of the present as it is, to recognize it, and to be one with it.
Even if we have long denied an event, we can be caught by the immutability of it to finally realize that deny is useless.

However, acceptance is a gradual process, which often takes a long time to set up.

When we accept, we do not suffer anymore, and if we are able to, we can even feel in harmony with what could have made us suffer, considering this event as a starting point and an opportunity to get rich. , whereas before it was for us only a problem without issue.
Accept, and in this way, change will then be possible, because we will promote our understanding of things.

By adopting a philosophy of seeing things as they are, and making reality its ally, we will sometimes be forced to abandon certain projects imagined for the future, or to detach ourselves from certain people or certain things. but it will be necessary if we want to keep moving forward.

Finally, we leave you on an old proverb: "what we resist, persists ".
Indeed, it is only from the moment we begin to accept things that they change.

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