Demisexuality: when emotions generate desire

Demisexuality: when emotions generate desire

Demisexuality is a sexual orientation that characterizespeople who feel sexually attracted only by those with whom they have established a strong emotional connection.The term was coined in 2006 by the Network for Education and Asexual Visibility (AVEN). We can say that it is halfway between sexuality and asexuality. This does not mean, however, that a person with a sexual orientation is incomplete. She just needs to establish a strong emotional connection to enjoy her sexual experiences.

Some demosexual people may behave and even identify as asexual before reaching this emotional connection.They must not be attracted by any particular genre. In other words, they can feel attraction to any human being. They will obviously not feel any sexual desire at first sight, nor at the first moment. They need time to connect with each other and to be attracted by their interior and the way they treat them.

To be clear, it is likely that people with sex have always existed. However, there was no clear definition of this sexual orientation until recently. It is therefore difficult to know how many people identify as half-way. TheHowever, experts believe that this sexual orientation is quite common, especially in the female gender.

Social networks give visibility, under new lexical paradigms, to concepts that have always existed. Finding tags to define relationships is not new. It is a human necessity to work with stereotypes and prejudices that guide us in social life.

"The more we are open to our own feelings, the better we can read those of others."
-Daniel Goleman-

Demisexuality: different ways of living desire

Love and desire are two different concepts. All that is loved is not desired, and all that is desired is not loved.The way of living desire and love is personal.It is therefore not necessary that one precedes the other or that there are differences between people.

Holly Richmond, a sex therapist and a specialist in couple therapies, says that "the person who is not half-sex, usually forms a degree of physical attraction in a few seconds when meeting someone.On the other hand, there is no physical attraction at first impression in the demisexuality.It's really about romantic feelings, love and friendship.Sexual attraction and desire remain in the background. It would certainly not be the driving force. "In other words, it would be the opposite of Hollywood movies where individuals succumb to lust at first sight.

"Immature love says," I love you because I need you ".Mature love says," I need you because I love you.” 
-Erich Fromm-

Demisexuality: love with fire

Demisexuality can be defined as a friendship that catches fire.Half-do people do not have a higher moral code than others. The main attraction here is emotional.

Like everyone else, being attracted to another person is both physical and psychological.Half-sexers can enjoy sex. But only with people with whom they already have an emotional relationship.Once the right partner is met, the frequency of intercourse may be the same as that of any other couple.

Finally, heIt is important to be aware that the demisexuality should not be considered as a pathology.It is true that this does not fit into the traditional model of human sexuality. Nevertheless, each person can freely choose who they want to be with. we learn to love not when we meet the perfect person, but when we learn to believe in an imperfect person.

"Change your attention and change your emotions, change your emotions and your attention will change."
-Frederick Dodson-

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