Definitions limit

Definitions limit

Defining a person usually limits it, because we humans, we are much more than just a definition.

Sometimes, it happens that a person may think that someone is one way and then, it happens to not be so.

For example, we can label someone as "lazy", because they are not hardworking people, but we would have to see if that way of life would not be produced by sadness or lack of motivation.

There are many people who are labeled lazy, when in reality they have not found that spark of life that motivates them and makes them get up with enthusiasm.

That's why the definitions limit, because every form of behavior has a reason. We are not born in one way but we are shaping and adapting to our surroundings and our environment.

It's not always the others who tend to label people, because often it's a person himself who imposes a definition.

We are not static beingsbecause everything depends on many factors, the environment, the situation, etc …

Words do not reach the depth of what a human being is at the moment of being defined.

The way things work, the successes and the failures, the diplomas, the profession and the hobbies, are the little things that accompany the person, but there is something much more vast and extraordinary in every human being.

We are not such an unshakable rock, we model ourselves over the years. Definitions often prevent the person from changing because she clings to what she believes is.

How many times have we been tagged? If we become aware that we are not static beings, the labels will not limit us because we will be in the continuous discovery of ourselves and we will try to grow as people.

Tags that limit children

Already since childhood, we are imposed labels. At school, there are studious, good, bad, beautiful, ugly, "failures" that always fail, etc.

In school classes, there is a tendency to label. Then as an adult, we continue to hang these labels.

Thus, for example, people who were not very beautiful being small and who became attractive with age, will tend not to believe because they already have the label of "unattractive".

If we realize that the mental programming we have is strongly influenced by past experiences and the definitions we have received, we will see that we have in our hands the opportunity to start valuing ourselves in a deep way, without definitions, and without guilt, nor negativity.

Usually, parents label their children in terms of their academic results and in this way, they will not change because they will believe in this definition and the fact that they were born that way.

For example, if a bad student has the label of "no one", he will not make the effort to change.

However, if the labels are removed and the results of the actions are not related to the person, but to the situation or to a stage, things could change.

A child sees himself through the eyes of his parents because he does not have the tools to be independent and to have his own opinion of himself.

It's not the same thing to say to a child: "You're a bad student, we're going to punish you and you're going to pay for your bad grades" that "this year you failed, but we know you're smart and that you can do better, we will see what we can do so that next year you can do better ".

In the first sentence, the child is labeled as a "draw", a bad student and therefore the personal value is attached to the academic results obtained. In this way, it is claimed that he can not change.

In the second sentence, the bad results are not related to the person but to a bad year and the child is given the opportunity to change based on his or her values.

If parents believe in the change of their child and value it, the child will also feel valued.

Treating a child in one way or another can lead to a conflicting child, or low self-esteem.

Who are we?

How do we define ourselves? On what basis? The healthiest would be to do it on human valuesbecause these are things that can last in time and not get lost.

If, for example, you define yourself by what you have, or by your profession, these are things that could be lost over time. This is why we must never unite personal value with unstable things.

The surest would be to unite human values ​​such as honesty, humanity, generosity, etc.

If we define ourselves on the basis of the positive values ​​we have, we will have a solid foundation that can not be destroyed over time.

We are what we want to be, and we become what we believe we are. Therefore, take your thoughts.

The mind is a powerful machine, so put it at your serviceBelieve in yourself, love yourself and do not define yourself too much, because we are much more than a few words.

We are very complex and extraordinary human beings, and we have no definition because we are in a process of continuous development.

Photo courtesy of Vanessa Kay and David Robert Bliwas

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