Dare to take risks: get out of your comfort zone!

Dare to take risks: get out of your comfort zone!

"It's forbidden to not smile at problems,
Do not fight for what you like
To leave everything in fear
Do not turn your dreams into reality.

(Pablo Neruda)

Often, we believe that fate, luck or chance are responsible for what happens to us.

However, we must understand that we are the only masters of our destiny, that we can change it, that we can live freely and choose between the different opportunities that come our way.

However, we are often afraid that changes in our lives will make us dizzy. Ultimately, you have to learn how to get out of our comfort zone.

In 2003, psychologist Senninger analyzed this phenomenon, referring to 3 learning areas that we all have. Here they are :

  1. The comfort zone. This is an area in which we do not feel no fear. The rest is less than our knowledge of life and our way of life. Nothing scares us and everything seems simple, easy and pleasant.
  2. The learning zone. Although we know little about this area, experience allows us to overcome it little by little. These are small challenges in life that we face every day.
  3. The panic zone. Nobody likes this area because these are the fear, the lack of confidence, the risk, the uncertainty and the danger that accompanies us …

You may encounter a new love that fills you with joy but at the same time scares you because you have been in a comfort zone for a very long time with another person who does not make you happy.

It may also be that a new job much better than yours, scares you for different reasons. However, you are used to this job, you are comfortable and it does not involve any new challenge.

But then, what is wrong with the comfort zone if we like it? Without realizing it, this comfort zone forms a sort of prison around you.

It may be that at some point in your life you were wondering: "What if I had done this thing that I wanted so much to do, and if I had decided to choose this new job or to get into this new relationship? "

That's whyit is good to step out of your comfort zone, because it will bring you only great rewards.

Life is even stronger outside this comfort zone, because sometimes we live in a golden cage.

If you fly like nestlings leaving their nest, you will realize that the world is filled with beautiful things, different from us sometimes.

You will feel more alive and better if you destroy those obstacles that simply limited you by fear.

Living with fear in your stomach, a fear that sometimes only exists in your head, can condition your life and keep you from being as happy as you would like.

How to get out of this comfort zone?

– Learn how to get rid of quick answers and confront things.

– Know that chess discourages but that they are also great inspirations and great lessons of life.

– Learn to feel pleasure when you fight for your dreams and that you always go further.

Face life, be creative!
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