Consult a psychologist

Consult a psychologist

Make no mistake. Make the decision to consult a psychologist is not an easy step. Let us add that the number of people who have a real aversion to psychologists is not negligible.

Many believe that they are actually sorcerer-apprentices who give obvious advice and then charge for the loss of time with them.

When should I consult?

It is difficult to ignore others and make the decision to consult a psychologist. In general, the decision is made when a major crisis occurs, that is to say when we begin to realize that if we do not act quickly, we run the risk. On the other hand, it is not necessary to wait until you are in a desperate situation to ask for help.

Here are some situations for which a psychological consultation may be necessary:

– When you feel that you have lost hope.

– When you suffer but you can not know the concrete reasons.

– When conflict, aggression, or dependence is the foundation of your relationships with others, and you think others are at the root of the problem.

– When anxiety and fear, without any specific reason, are part of your daily life.

– When your favorite expression is: "I'm tired of …"

If the idea of ​​going to see a psychologist went through your head, do it. You will see that nothing that happens to you is serious.

What to take into account

A psychologist is not a new best friend. This is a professional trained to help you rearrange your ideas and feelings, so that you suffer less and have a more harmonious life.

You will not reach pure happiness after a psychological consultation. What a health professional can do for you is to give you tools so that you can address your concerns and conflicts with greater confidence.

Of course, this is to improve your quality of life, but you will not be immune to suffering or confusion.

Not all psychologists are alike. Some are more directive and build with you punctual solutions to solve the problem that led you to consult and opt for a short therapy.

Others will dig a little deeper and do not just work on the problem that is affecting you in the present moment. They will seek to deepen according to your life as a whole.

Others will lead you to seek out unconscious forces who operate in the depths of your being, as part of a long-term process.

It is important to do some research to find out what type of consultation you want. You should also make sure to consult a suitable professional and ask him explicitly what is his approach and method of work.

The thing that may seem most unpleasant to you is the question of time and price. Indeed, it is not easy to expose one's injured heart in front of someone who, at some point, will tell you "The session is over" and who then makes you pay.

Over time, you will understand that much of the therapy depends on these two factors: take time for therapy and free yourself from the knots with a psychologist that you pay for his work.

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