Connect to others through your eyes

Connect to others through your eyes

Surely you have already spoken with people who, during your conversation, did not look in your eyes at times, or fled from your eyes.

However, having good eye contact is one of the greatest social skills everyone should have. If this is not your case, then work on it because it has been shown that having good eye contact can be very beneficial.

Eye contact

People with a good level of visual contact with others are considered to be warm, friendly, strong, competent, honest, sincere, confident and emotionally stable.

They seem more attractive in all areas, so that people with whom they are in visual contact feel very positive emotions.

Having good eye contact with others can increase the quality of your face-to-face relationships.

In fact, by maintaining your eyes, you improve your connection with others, both during a job interview and when you have to publicize an idea or seduce on the occasion of an appointment. gallant.

How to have good eye contact?

Take note of the following rules, which will help you improve the quality of your eye contact:

Contact generates contactIf you start a conversation starting with eye contact, your caller will do the same, which will then increase its own level of visual contact. Therefore, do not hesitate to take the first step when making eye contact!

Do not look at each other unnecessarily
For eye contact to be effective, your look must be welcoming and appropriate to the situation. Indeed, if you force yourself to make eye contact, your interlocutor will feel uncomfortable. It is therefore necessary that both people do it naturally. If your contact does not respond to contact, then do not insist.

Go backwards as eye contact is establishedThis will allow your interlocutor to not feel under pressure and to increase the level of confidence gently.

On the other hand, if your interlocutor is a relative, he will constantly seek your eye contact and your physical proximity, to ensure that you give him your full attention.

Look one eye after another, and do not go too quickly from one eye to another, as this could be uncomfortable for your interlocutor.

Do not look too insistentEven though eye contact is good, you should not abuse it. If you feel lost, fix one eye, then the other, and finally the mouth, then repeat that circle.

If the eye contact between you and your interlocutor is lost, do not look at your feet
Look on the side
, or horizontally, because if you look at your feet, you give the image of a person invaded by shame or shyness, when in reality it is not at all what you wanted to show.

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