Commit to yourself, do not forget

Commit to yourself, do not forget

The excess of commitments to which we are exposed, at both the socio-professional and family levels, leads us to end the exhausted weeks. This is all the more worrying as we end up as well aswe do not have time for ourselves, not a second to relax, to enjoy. This is the consequence of overinvestment. In other words, this negative habit that ends up affecting our health. Therefore, commit yourself to yourself in the first place.

We are afraid of being excluded from our circle if we do not attend several meetings a week. We fear that others will ignore us if we do not conform to them. It is important that we stop to think and stop if we start to feel bad.Attending all the social gatherings to which we are invited may indicate a lack of assertiveness, since we do not know how to say no when we need it. It may also be due to an excessive need to please others. Or because we avoid being alone with ourselves.

Several studies warn that the social gatherings we attend today far exceed those of our parents. Instead of enjoying the free time to rest and disconnect from the weekly stress,we add worrying stress during our rest days due to lack of expertise or group conformism.

A person's quality of life is directly proportional to their commitment to themselves, regardless of their area of ​​activity.

You are your priority

Who do we want to please with so many social gatherings? To ourselves or rather to others?Answering this question with total sincerity spares us an excess of stress. And finally of malaise.

Commit yourself to doing activities, attending meetings and using your free time.

Sometimes we have to prioritize and say no.We can not meet the expectations of others and leave ours to one side. It is not about isolating oneself and moving away from our circles of relationships. It's about maintaining healthy connections and having a space for ourselves.

The biggest commitment is the one we make with ourselves. We will always have two options: our commitments and our fears.

The disease of free time

Free time is necessary to live, to enjoy and especially to eliminate the stress.The brain needs to disconnect a minimum of hours and stop working.Leisure activities are therefore an excellent alternative to rest and have fun. Free time can, however, become stress, insecurity, obligation and commitment.

The Dutch psychologist Ad Vingerhoets, professor at the University of Tilburg, decided to analyze one of his personal problems. He was never sick except on weekends. He then asked other people if they had experienced something similar. Some of them coincided with him. They were sick only in summer, at Christmas or on Fridays.

The psychologist María Jesús González says that "this is not an actual disease, it is an undefined alteration, so there is no specific therapy". However, it is accepted today that thestress affects the immune system and that this syndrome of free time is nothing but a new way of naming the un subtypes of anxiety.

As we can see, we need to be realistic with ourselves and with the activities we can do to enjoy our leisure and free time. We must establish a reasonable program, not build up activities.We must never forget the benefits of pausing, doing nothing or, as the Italian expression indicates, "He dolce far niente "Commit yourself to yourself.

Changing habits, far from relaxing, can cause anxiety.

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