Colors have an influence on your mood

Colors have an influence on your mood

Many studies have shown that colors have an influence on mood.

Chromotherapy is considered a natural alternative therapy, since it does not meet all the criteria that would allow it to be recognized as a conventional medicine.
Indeed, it has not been possible to demonstrate scientifically that colors are a key element helping healing.

What is certain in any case is that even if colors are not a determining factor in the treatment of a disease, they have the power to change our emotions because they have (on a small scale) an influence on mood.


They are bright colors that stimulate us and give us energy. They encourage activity, fill us with courage, and help fight against depression and sadness.
If we want to release an optimistic image, we can wear these colors in winter, since visually they evoke warmth and liveliness.

In terms of interior design, you can paint the walls red, orange or yellow, one of those colors that "burn" and give energy, provided you do it in rooms where there will be life and activity, not in rooms where you want calm and tranquility.


These are soothing colors that inspire tranquility, encourage relaxation, and allow the spirit of calm. These are ideal colors to wear during business meetings, since they evoke calm, sincerity and responsibility.

The green of nature, the deep blue of the sky, the elegant purple flowers, all this helps to Emotional healing. If you want to paint the walls of a room dedicated to calm and tranquility, the ideal and opt for one of them.


These are colors neutral and cold which symbolize purity and simplicity. The ideal is to paint in white or beige the walls of a room where you want to work and stay concentrated,because these colors have no influence on the mood. Summer is the right season to wear white and beige because they have a refreshing effect.


The light pink evokes kindness, innocence and good intentions, although for some this color can also symbolize immaturity. If you want to inspire confidence, then the ideal is to wear pink.
As for interior decoration, pink is usually reserved for children's rooms, although it may also appeal to adults, since this color representsaltruism, good heart and sensitivity.

Fushia, a stronger and stronger rose, could be likened to the colors that stimulate and give energy, such as red, orange and yellow, which is mentioned at the beginning of the article.


Black evokes sadness and pessimism. In contrast, black clothes inspire elegance and seriousness. But wearing black in the summer is not advisable because visually, black gives more a feeling of warmth than freshness.

Grey also evokes sadness, pessimism and bad waves. The gray clothes symbolize independence, mistrust, boredom and despair, even if they also convey an idea of ​​respect, professionalism and seriousness.


Generally, when getting dressed, the colors of the clothes we choose to wear correspond to our state of mind of the momentwithout necessarily being aware of it.

If you are aware that each color has its own properties, then you can use them wisely and change your mood. Often, when a person gets up with their left foot without much morale, they will be more likely to wear dull colors. On the other hand, if she gets up in a good mood, she will wear bright colors.

If you decide to wear different colored clothes than you would have instinctively attracted, so that will have an influence on your mood.

Try to determine your emotions, and choose to wear colors that will help you to be in the mood you want.
For example, imagine that one morning, you get up and you say to yourself: "Today I feel tired and not very playful.To counterbalance that, I'm going to wear colorful clothes." And once you've put on a little red shirt, you'll suddenly find yourself smiling.

So you have the power to improve your mood by using colors and their properties. And even if they do not perform miracles, they can still help you to have morale.If you wake up feeling stressed and you feel the need to relax, opt for soothing colors such as blue, green or purple.

When dressing, also consider where you should go, and the image you want to send back. Spending time with friends or attending an important meeting are two different things you need to consider when getting dressed. 

Although on a small scale, the colors have a real influence on the mood. But, if you really want to maximize your chances of doing well, consider our recommendations on what each color returns!

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