Coloring when under stress: a new way to relax

Coloring when under stress: a new way to relax

We can disconnect our brain or relax it by coloring. Indeed, coloring, it helps us to escape from this world, to stimulate our creativity, to connect with ourselves and give free rein to our imagination.

That's why this new trend has come true: coloring when you're stressed.

According to the researchers, when we are busy coloring, we activate the coordination between the eye and the hand, and consequently, certain areas of the brain favoring the inhibition of the limbic system (our emotional sentinel), so that we can then free from all our worries as well as our anxiety.

Thus, in a way, we find our internal balance, we manage to escape and to put order in our thoughts, since we are overwhelmed in an activity that little by little catches us and is playful and rewarding.

The stress reduction power of adult coloring books

But how does this activity affect our brain, and why is it so effective at relaxing our body and mind? Let's see this later in this article.

Let's disconnect our brain

Not literally, of course; Through coloring, we combine the logical part of our brain with the creative part, and therefore we attenuate the intensity with which we focus on our thoughts and emotions.

Reflecting on the colors we want to use, we activate areas of our brain involved in vision as well as fine motor skills; the activity of the amygdala diminishes, and thus, we offer a greater stability to our emotions.

Let's give free rein to our creativity

Spending hours on an activity that we like, helps us unleash our creativity, as well as to seek to make coloring always more beautiful, always more successful.

In addition, there are all kinds of drawings: mandalas, animals, forests … It will be enough for you to submerge yourself a little in this world to know what you prefer.

Let us adhere to an activity for pure pleasure

It may sound silly, but we should take the time to think about the part that we do everyday for pure pleasure, and more broadly, the part of things that we realize throughout our lives in the only purpose of having a good time.

Easily and quickly reach a meeting place with ourselves … and others

This is a good reason to move to an office to color, to focus on yourself, to forget your worries and to make new friends. In other words, coloring invites us to contact our inner world, but also outside.

The groups and pages that connect adults who love coloring have proliferated on Facebook, becoming places promoting relaxation and well-being. If you are interested, we invite you to do some research on this subject.

The bestsellers that will help you color when you're stressed

Although today there are many books that give us the opportunity to color when stressed as effectively as everyday meditation, some "break the statistics" and are real bestsellers.

This is the case Secret garden Johanna Basford, which has become a true international success since it has been translated into more than 14 languages.

The drawings are handmade, and it is about coloring animals, forests or flowers. Another book much appreciated by the public of the same author is entitled The enchanted forest.

Johanna says that to make her drawings, she was inspired by her grandparents' stay in her childhood, in the middle of the wild forest.

Through her drawings, one can explore different coloring techniques, patiently color the details and create a whole palette of nuances that give life to the effort and calm our thoughts.

As can be seen in the photograph above, some drawings range from small in detail to small, almost magical details. The idea is that adults take their time to work patiently.

We should all follow this news anti-stress trend accessible to everyone, and coloring pages and pages full of creativity that will allow us to reduce our anxiety and promote a relaxing effect in a healthy way.

Another author of the most famous in this field is Richar Merritt, who has published several very beautiful books such as Art Therapy Coloring Book. As we can see in the photograph below, these books are of real beauty.

Finally, another well-known coloring book is The Mindfulness Coloring Book, Illustrator Emma Farrarons.

His beautiful illustrations invite us to meditate consciously while filling the pages of color, and our spirit of calm and peace.

If you want to get an idea of ​​the success of coloring in adults, all you need is a little research on the internet. You can also print a few pages if you want to go there.

We invite you to try, to indulge in this wonderful activity with multiple benefits for your mind creating a meeting place for your inner world.

Get started, and remember that if you want to think of nothing, if you need to disconnect, coloring can be a very good option.

So, with your colored pencils, your markers and your erasers!

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