Coincidences show that you are on the right track

Coincidences show that you are on the right track

You know when you are on the right path.The coincidences begin to be drawn one behind the other on the horizon, your heart is filled with satisfaction and a cautious enthusiasm that allows you to understand that any effort brings precise results. In the end, when the mind is firmly focused on what it wants, things do not happen by chance but by determination.

We all, at a certain point, felt such a sensation. The one that gives us the impression, without knowing how, thatsmall but dangerous events with a certain relationship between them begin to succeed one another.Events that seem to fit our plan.

The mathematicians Persi Diaconis and Frederick Mosteller, from the University of Berkeley, explained ina 1989 study that we must not pay too much attention to coincidences.These are nothing more than strange events with low reliability that rarely help us predict anything.

"The more man plans his behavior, the more likely chance is to fall on him."

-Friedrich Dürrenmatt-

Nevertheless,From the end of the 1980s, the point of view on coincidences has changed dramatically.So, Bernard Beitman, a psychiatrist at the University of Virginia, has written a very interesting book entitledConnecting with Coincidencein which he explains that these events of chance sometimes trace our own destinies.

Edmund Halley, an English astronomer of the eighteenth century, for example, realized that the recordings that other astronomers had made during the appearance of comets in Earth orbit and that they had classified as "mere coincidences" were not at all

Halley ventured to say that these patterns fit a solitary comet that appeared every 75 years, and he was right. He himself saw it pass, as his calculations had predicted, on Christmas Eve 1758.

Sometimes,the sequence of several coincidences gives us the track of something,something that we can only determine by being open-minded, trusting and hard-working.

Determination, movement and coincidences

When you are on your way, you have a clear goal.An objective that, little by little, makes you gain harmony. Studying for a degree, looking for resources for a project, finding stability in an affective relationship, overcoming a personal problem … All this requires a series of very precise movements that move in the same direction.

At different points in our life cycle, we are all forced to make an effort to shape this plan that will bring us happiness and stability. It's part of our sense of self-realization and personal growth.And one aspect that we must not and can not rule out during this process is the aspect of coincidences.

Josh Tenenbaum, a Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) scientist and cognitive psychologist, explains that while these events sometimes lack logic and resemble random actions,the coincidences are as revealing as they are indispensable in our lives.

Coincidences, the spirit and our personal growth

Coincidences, according to Dr. Tenenbaum, impulse and favor many inferences of our mind.In fact, our brain is programmed to detect any abnormal and hazardous stimulus and try to make associations to understand and promote our learning.

  • David Spiegelhalter, a statistician at the University of Cambridge, has been studying the theme of coincidences for years. The result of his work is now in the public domain Atlantic. So, and according to this teacher,coincidences can only be understood with adequate statistical analysis.
  • It is through this method that we are aware of one aspect:the strongest coincidences are related to our social relations.An example of this is the fact of coinciding in many places with the person who will become our spouse. Another is to know someone who, by chance, suggests new projects that we end up following (just when we need a change). One last is to perceive how we progress in our personal projects through this connection with people who share our passions.

In addition, an interesting aspect of Professor Spiegelhalter's work is thatwhen we only notice a weak correlation, it means that the person wants something and waits for this event to happen without getting involved in this project.In other words, it is only when we act and favor new situations that coincidences are created. And from there we can turn them in our favor.

When you're on the right path, you know it …

As we have been able to deduce,the coincidences are the result of chance … but also of this impulse that we generate ourselveswith our personal and psychological disposition. All of this leads us to understand some aspects that are worth asking.

  • When you are on the right path, you see these events that you have favored and those that happen with a relative but decisive chance.An example of this is the work of scientists and researchers. In their daily duty of analysis and experience, they are often dealing with risky facts that allow them to arrive at a great discovery.
  • You are also on the right path when your mind is open to everything that happens around you.Only an awakened gaze and a brain full of curiosity that seeks to learn and find stimuli in his favor can see true coincidences. Those who sometimes arrive behind each other, to lead us where we want.
  • Another aspect to consider is that sometimes, negative coincidences occur.Fall ill the day of our exams, have a technical problem during the presentation of our project, etc. Although these events may seem hazardous to us, we must remember that probabilities and statistics indicate that they also enter the field of the possible and the "normal".
  • A coincidence can be positive, negative or neutral. What matters, in the end, is how we decide to handle this event.The way we do it, the answer, the mental point of view and the behavior that we apply behind it will really determine our destiny.

To conclude, Albert Einstein said that life itself is a wonderful coincidence. Knowing how to live it in the best possible way requires a firm will and know-how that allows us to be receptive through a positive and hopeful mental point of view. So let's apply that personal vision.Do not ignore and do not turn our backs on all these possibilities that revolve around us every day.

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