Choose optimism!

Choose optimism!

You surely know someone who always has a smile on their face and who always sees things in a positive way. For these optimistic people, the barriers of life are to be taken as good learning experiences.

According to them, even a horrible day is the promise of a better tomorrow. Know that keeping a positive attitude reduces stress and preserves your health.

It is vital to try to see things on the right side to allow oneself to be soothed by positive feelings and thus to take away stress and all negative feelings, in order to preserve one's health.

Optimism: What are the beneficial effects?

Seeing the good side of things has some advantages, which we will present:

Better health

There is evidence that optimistic people aged 18 to 30 are healthier when they are 45 to 60 years old than pessimistic people. The latter are more likely to suffer from health problems (infectious diseases, among others) and a higher mortality rate.

Better emotional health

People who benefit from cognitive therapy to improve their thinking, achieve more positive and lasting results over time and are more optimistic as they are able to better deal with the setbacks that may arise (unlike pessimists or people who do not follow this kind of therapy).

A reduction of stress

Optimistic people tend to be less stressed than pessimists because they believe in themselves and their abilities. Moreover, optimism makes it possible to see negative events as little hazards in life and thus to overcome obstacles.

Optimists take positive events as the promise of beautiful things to come. They know how to better deal with stress and its emotional repercussions and are usually less stressed.

Achieve its goals

The most optimistic people are in a positive bubble that allows them to fulfill their functions and achieve their goals, unlike the pessimistic people who are more vulnerable to the opinions of others because they lack confidence in themselves.


Optimistic people are less likely to drop their arms than pessimists. That's why they are more likely to achieve their goals because they persevere and are able to make their failures a strength.

Greater life expectancy

There is evidence that people who have a positive attitude live longer because they are healthier than pessimists.

Photograph courtesy of Silvia Viñuales

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