Chemsex, a dangerous sexual practice

Chemsex, a dangerous sexual practice

In recent years, a dangerous sexual practice has developed in Spain. She is known as chemsex and is very present in cities with a high population. This practice appeared in 2012 in the United Kingdom and has gradually developed in the rest of the European countries.

What is the chemsex? The term comes from the expression Chemical Sex, which refers to the combination of two elements at once: drugs and sex. It is a dangerous pair that exceeds certain limits and is responsible for the appearance of new types of addiction.

What is the chemsex?

As we said at the beginning of this article, this new way of experiencing sex is associated with drug use. The main goal is to acquire a greater sexual pleasure. For that, the people who practice it resort to narcotics.

The ecstasy, the side effects of a substance, the disinhibition or the loss of control favor the increase of the libido. In this way, the sexual act can be prolonged and some sexual practices can be tested when this would not be the case in another situation. At least, that's what people who practice chemsex think.

In this case, the drugs are used in a sexual context by changing the direction of its use. The use does not have an entertaining purpose, that is to say to feel only the pleasant effects of this type of substances. The key to chemsex is that this practice gives rise to a very specific use of drugs. Why ? For being under the effects of a narcotic and deciding to have sex for ecstasy is not the same as using drugs to live an erotic situation and to feel excitement to prolong a sexual practice.

The most used drugs in this sexual practice are mephedrone, methamphetamines, and GHB also known as "liquid ecstasy". Nevertheless, these substances may be combined with each other or with other drugs such as poppers, alcohol and cocaine.

On the other hand, the parties intended to lead this unleashing marathon (sometimes for whole days, or from Friday to Sunday) are organized through social networks. The new applications and the current use of the Internet favor and reinforce this type of meetings. In fact, the majority of these meetings are organized through applications and the best known is Grindr, application of meetings between men.

What is the profile of the people who practice it?

The chemsex is often led by homosexual men. More generally, they are described as men who have sex with men (MSM) but they can sometimes be heterosexual.

According to the data of a file realized by the ApoyoPositivo platform on the approximation of this practice, 39% of participants had a higher education degree, 83.5% worked and 96% were homosexual.

Why is this practice so dangerous?

Taking into account the modus operandi, it is not hard to imagine that one of the most dangerous effects is the risk of fall into the addiction to drugs consumed. In fact, we will make a transition from a specific use with a specific meaning to an abuse of substances.

Beyond the risk of addiction, we will face a high probability of suffering from sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). In fact, in recent years, some hospitals in Madrid and Barcelona have detected an increase in the number of men with HIV. The disinhibition and unleashing associated with this practice cause the absence of contraceptive methods. In addition, it must be taken into account that during one night, sexual partners are often varied.

The chemsex has re-emerged some STDs such as hepatitis B and hepatitis C. This type of illness was very characteristic of the 80's, coinciding with the heroin boom. Sharing syringes facilitated transmission. Currently, there are new cases of this type of disease, derived from this new sexual practice by the use of injection equipment used by many people.

Also, the chemsex does not only produce physical damage, but also psychological damage. The Cmild anxiety, depression, psychotic problems, visual hallucinations, auditory and acute and chronic behavioral changes are the most common.

What are the reasons for practicing the chemsex?

We must bear in mind that sexual relations between homosexual couples have been, and still today to a lesser extent, stigmatized by society. A homophobic feeling continues to exist in society which limits the naturalness of the act, sometimes even seen as forbidden.

Another reason pushing practice is that the chemsex Provides more confidence during sex and alleviates negative feelings towards one's own orientation (an internalized homophobia). This practice is also used to experiment sex with more pleasure, greater physical endurance and to perform some painful practices in other circumstances.

As we can see, chemsex has more disadvantages than advantages. For it, the work to be done to avoid this practice should not only focus on the population at risk, but on society as a whole.

What is "normal sex"?

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