Change to reach happiness

Change to reach happiness

Pursuing happiness is one of the human rights. However, even with all the freedom we have, many people feel trapped in total misery.

These people are surrounded by problems and challenges that put aside happiness.

Contrary to what we think, to achieve happiness requires a constant effort. The changes needed to achieve this are:

Stop procrastinating and focus on the present

"Know the true value of time, grab it, taste eagerly each parcel. No idleness or laziness, not even a slight delay; never return to tomorrow what you can do the same day. "
– Philip Stanhope –

To achieve its goals, it is important to plan and organize. However, you should not waste too much time thinking about what you will do.

Even the most complex work turns out to be simple once you get into action.

Even if you do not believe it, know thatyou will begin to be happy when your obligations disappear and your stress decreases.

Take care of your body

"Keeping the body healthy is a duty, otherwise we would not be able to light the lamp of wisdom and keep our minds firm and clear".
– Buddha –

The human body is just as amazing as a living machine. He can survive many threats and conditions.

Your body is able to feel the most complex emotions, positive emotions and negative emotions. It is therefore essential to take care of it so that it works properly.

By giving yourself time to tidy up all aspects of your body, you create the most important change to be happy.

Stop the exercises and diets and take care of your soul and your feelings.

Find what will make you happy

"Happiness is not something already done, it comes from your own actions."
– Dalai Lama –

The reasons for happiness are unique to each of us. These patterns affect your dreams, goals, abilities, and desires.

If today you do not know clearly what would make you happy, do not worry. Millions of people are in the same situation of uncertainty.

Take time, alone, with a sheet and a pen and analyze what you need to achieve happiness. Maybe you want to travel, start a family or join a humanitarian cause.

Each person is different and no one has the same life goals. When you know what you are living for, complete it!

To free oneself from what hurts

"Surround yourself with good people and discover your own worth. Honestly, there are enough bad people in this world, you do not have to be your worst enemy. "
– Lucy Hale –

We all tend to surround ourselves with people, things and tools that turn out to be negative. This then prevents us from blossoming to the fullest extent and the change scares us.

Since the mortgage that you can not repay, to the friend who only needs you when it suits him, it hurts.

Instead of wasting time and energy with that, go out with friends who bring positive things to your life, Eliminate what hurts you and breathe with more freedom.

Enjoy the good times

"Be happy for a moment, because this moment is your life."
– Omar Khayyam –

Have you ever noticed that happy people allowed themselves time to live slowly? They take advantage of every moment that life offers them: a walk, a sunset, an evening with friends or a hug from a person dear to their eyes.

One of the keys to being happy is to breathe deeply, to focus on what life offers you, and to enjoy it.

These moments will remain etched in your memory and fill the space of your best memories, only if you allow it.

Do what you love

"My mission in life is not only to survive, but to thrive, and to do it with a certain passion, a little compassion, a little humor and a little style."
– Maya Angelou –

Give yourself time for a passion or hobby that will make you happy.

  • You will have less time to doubt yourself and your abilities.
  • You will gain in confidence by acquiring new capabilities.
  • The results of your efforts will make you happy.
  • You will meet people who have the same interests as you.
  • Your energy will be better focused and you will feel less stress.

Be passionate about something! Live life only with passion and desire to do more.

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