Can we learn to be optimistic?

Can we learn to be optimistic?

Being optimistic goes much further than being happy or in a good mood. Optimism is a way of thinking that allows you to see the positive side of every situation that comes up.

Which is not optimism

The true optimist is not someone naive who takes his dreams for realities. Nor is it someone who persists in seeing "life in pink" at all costs and without reason because he refuses to see reality as it is.

Someone who is optimistic is perfectly aware of the difficulties he faces, but he does not let himself be defeated; he considers the hazards of life as an opportunity to change, to improve and to mature.The optimist is confident and knows that behind every problem lies new possibilities.

Although optimism is very much related to good mood, you should not confuse the two. Optimism is a positive way of thinking. Etymologically, "being optimistic" refers to the tendency to hope and see life on the right side.

What does pessimism lead to?

A pessimistic person is hermetic to change, has little confidence in it and does not know how to value his successes. She has trouble enjoying life, since she always finds something wrong. She sees the "half empty glass".

What we win to be optimistic

If we are to believe the results published by the psychologist Martin Seligman following a study conducted on both adults and children,optimistic people are less likely to suffer from depression.
Generally, these are people who are doing better in the educational and professional fields, and who are often in better health.

Can we learn to be optimistic?

Optimism is an integral part of emotional intelligence. This positive way of thinking can be learned from the youngest age within the family if the atmosphere in the home is conducive.
Often children see life in the same way as their parents or family members; they have either a pessimistic approach or an optimistic approach.

To be optimistic is to approach reality in a positive way. It is a state of mind that can and should be cultivated. Optimism allows us to highlight our qualities but also those of others, and this in all objectivity, considering them to their true value.
It's just about seeing things as they are and considering the mistakes and disadvantages for what they are, nothing more.

And you, are you rather optimistic or pessimistic?

It is very important that all of us can discover how we think and see reality. In case of a tendency to defeatism or pessimism, it will be necessary to re-educate in order to adopt the positive mode of thinking.

When someone has a way of thinking that is deeply rooted in him, there is no point in trying to change it. However, it is not impossible either; there is still time to change, to improve, and to lead a more fulfilling life.

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