Books are mirrors

Books are mirrors

” Books are mirrors: you only see in them what you already have inside. "This sentence, taken from the book The shadow of the wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafón, shows us the internal and personal world of reading. Hence the diversity of literary tastes. For example, empathic people often prefer novels; the most impulsive people, the story of war and the imaginative people all that has to do with the genre of fiction.

What we wear inside is reflected in our reading. Therefore, the same book will never mean the same thing for two people.

For those who like to read, there is nothing better than going home and disconnecting with a good book. Reading opens the door to new lives, new cultures and new ways of feeling. In addition, it has a relaxing effect by reducing the levels of cortisol secreted by our brain.

The act of reading regularly brings us great benefits at the cognitive level. It improves our capacity for abstraction, imagination, concentration and memory and helps us prevent degenerative brain diseases. Our brain functions in some ways like a muscle and reading exercises it.

To acquire the habit of reading is like building a shelter against the vicissitudes of life. A refuge that embraces us and makes us feel that we are not alone, thanks to what others show us through their stories. Stories that little by little we make ours. Hence the claim that books are mirrors.

” Do not read, like children, to have fun or, like the ambitious, to learn. No, read to live. “

-Gustave Flaubert-

Books are mirrors that favor our concentration

Every time we start reading, the left hemisphere of our brain starts, working at full speed to activate different areas. According to neurologist Stanislas Dehaene of the Collège de France, reading ability changes the brain. On the other hand, the psychologist Nicole K. Speer, from the University of Washington, says that when we read we recreate the imaginary, so that the same brain areas are activated only when we observe something that is actually happening or that we do it ourselves.

Reading nourishes our brain to progress.

Reading is one of the instruments, and probably the most valuable, available to the brain to progress. Exercising one's mind by reading favors the concentration of favors. Although, after learning it, reading seems like a natural process, at bottom, it is not the case. The human reader is born from his constant struggle against distraction, since the natural tendency of the brain to deal with meaningless letters is that of dispersion.

It's because, according to evolutionary psychology, not being vigilant could cost the lives of our ancestors. If a hunter did not respond to the stimuli that surrounded him, he ended up devoured or starving if he could not locate the food sources. For this reason, staying immobile focused in a process like reading is considered another step in our evolution.

Today, evolution has allowed us to rest and relax without having to be alert to constant threats. To encourage concentration from childhood, it is particularly important to encourage the habit of reading. Twenty minutes a day of reading aloud will help children develop their attention and concentration skills – two of the skills they will need most throughout their lives to increase their chances of success.

” Reading makes the man complete; the conversation makes it agile, the writing makes it clear. “

-Francis Bacon-

Reading influences professional success

For more than 20 years, a team from Oxford University analyzed the habits and activities of nearly 20,000 young people to find out what activities would predict career success when they turn 30. Only reading seemed to have a significant impact on career success: no other practice, such as playing sports or going to the movies, had any effect.

Reading ability changes the brainexplains the neurologist Stanislas Dehaene, professor of experimental cognitive psychology at the College de France. Thus, there is more gray matter in the head of a person reading and more neurons in the brains that read.

Gustave Flaubert, a French writer, could not have been more precise when he said that "life should be a continuous educationThe world continues to turn, so the best thing for our professional interests is to bet on continuing education as a way to stay up to date and prepared for new circumstances.Just as we take care of ourselves and go more and more to the gym, we should maintain or develop interest in some of the cognitive processes that in some ways can be trained.

” Books are mirrors where words are just stones placed crossing the current of a river. If they are here, it is so that we can reach the other shore. The other side is what matters. “

-José Saramago-

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