Big sentences of Woody Allen

Big sentences of Woody Allen

With a touch of sarcasm and a lot of humor,filmmaker Woody Allen has left us wonderful sentences.Phrases that deserve to remain engraved in our memories. As he says himself, "my way of joking is to tell the truth, it's the most fun joke." We are going to put together some of his best sentences in the following paragraphs.

Note that Woody Allen's sentences, though seemingly simplistic, contain a very deep and daring critique. The filmmaker always says it,"The answer is yes, but what is the question?"

The sexual component at Woody Allen

Woody Allen's life seems to revolve around sex. He has been involved in various disputes because of this theme which often comes up in his sentences. According to him,"There are only two important things in life, the first is sex, and I can not remember the second."That's why "sexual inactivity is dangerous, it only creates frustration".

It's clear that "sex is the most fun thing you can do without laughing". Because even if "love is the answer, waiting for the answer, sex raises good questions".For example: "Does hell exist, does God exist, let us be resurrected after death, and let's not forget the most important: will there be women?"

In this regard, Woody Allen considers that"sex is dirty only if we do it right".And that only "some marriages end well, the others last all the life". Apparently, the filmmaker did not see marriage as something stable. He compares it with "the savings account: by dint of placing and withdrawing, one loses the interest". Finally, "sex without love is an empty experience, but as an empty experience it is one of the best". During this experience, there will always be paradoxes like that of "oral sex which is the sexual practice during which we can talk the least".

Did you see Woody Allen working?

His point of view about work was not very rewarding. He thought that"work is an invasion of our private life".On the other hand, he also believed that "money does not give us happiness, but gives a sensation so similar that we need a specialist to check the difference".

All students will feel identified (hopefully not) with this statement by Woody: "There are students who are sad to go to the racetrack and see that even the horses manage to finish their course (e)" . Finally, to finish on a good note, "you have to work eight hours and sleep another eight hours, but not the same". And you must never give up,"If you do not go wrong from time to time, it is because you are not trying".Do not do like his father who "sold the pharmacy because there was no other cure".

When God meets Woody Allen

The director once said:"I do not believe in a life in the afterlife but, in case, I changed my underwear".This situation occurred after an indication. He could believe in God if the latter gave him a little sign, like a transfer to his name on his bank account … Finally, Woody ended up siding with the side of science and not of religion. "In reality, I prefer science to religion, if I had the choice between God and air conditioning, I would choose air conditioning."

He is also a man without fear. "I'm not afraid of death, I just do not want to be there when it happens." He also has very clear ideas. "I prefer cremation at the funeral and both at a weekend with my wife". He also has a thirst for greatness:"I do not want to reach immortality through my work, but simply by not dying".

The moral lessons of Woody Allen

Woody's image of politicians is not very favorable. He tells it in this fable: "The magician made a gesture and the hunger disappeared." He made another gesture and the injustice disappeared, he made one again and the war was over.The politician made a gesture and the magician s' evapora ". We already know that"the politician's vocation is to make every solution a problem".

On the other hand, he knows that "money does not give us happiness, but gives a sensation so similar that we need a specialist to check the difference". This is because "money is better than poverty, even if only for financial reasons". Finally, all this makes Woody a man of perspective."The future interests me because this is where I will spend the rest of my life".

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