Before it's too late, a letter that invites us to think

Before it's too late, a letter that invites us to think

We spend half of our time believing that we have all the life before us. We believe ourselves to be immortal and are only putting off to tomorrow what is important and not urgent. But things do not work that way. Time goes by, even if you do not want to be aware of it. It allows you to value what you have, here and now.Before it's too late, pay attention to everything that makes you happy. Emphasize every little thing, every little gesture, every little moment.

The last letter that triumphed at the 3rd Letter of Love Contest in Toledo brings us closer to this experience of not waiting too long.We must not waste the time we have in our hands and must know how to value and be gratefulbefore time traps us and steals our memory. In case we are not here tomorrow.

"I'm writing to you now, while you sleep, in case you wake up with another person by your side tomorrow morning, and with all those trips back and forth, I'm spending more and more time on the other side and I'm afraid there will be no return.

Tomorrow, I might not be able to understand what's happening to me. I could be unable to tell you how much I admire your integrity, your fight to be by my side, to try to make me happy despite the circumstances, as always.

Tomorrow, I might not be aware of what you're doing, when you stick these little papers on each door so that I do not confuse the bathroom with the kitchen; when you manage to make us laugh after having put on my shoes without putting on socks; when you make a point of maintaining a conversation while I get lost in each sentence, when you slowly approach me and whisper in my ear the name of one of our grandchildren; and when you respond with tenderness to these fits of anger that assail me, as if something in me revolted against that fate that has trapped me.

For all these things and many more. In case you do not remember your name or mine.

In case I can not thank you tomorrow. If tomorrow I'm not able to tell you, even for the last time, I love you. "

Alzheimer's and forgetfulness: before it's too late

The letter reveals a person's fear. The fear of getting lost in oblivion, of disappearing while being present.Losing memory makes us forget who we are. Who are those around us? We are losing the essence of who we have been. But Alzheimer's mostly falls on those who walk with us.

Forgetting is perhaps our worst enemybecause we are forms of memories, experiences, the fruit of what we carry in ourselves, of our life, as short as it is. When we lose all of this, we begin to cease to exist. Do not wait until it's too late. Do not put off important things. Never stop saying "I love you" to those who accompany you. Do not waste the time they give you, the seconds you spend with them.

What can we do ? How can we fight what pursues us and who, year after year, seems to be getting closer and closer?There is no magic formula for not suffering from oblivion. But there are many tips for reducing opportunities:stay active, do not let tobacco get in your way, have a healthy diet, do new tasks that force your brain to think and discover new roads.

Learn new things, meet new people who show you new ways of thinking, and most importantly, value every second of your life. Be grateful for everything you have, even if it does not seem so, because unfortunately, a day will come when all this will disappear and you will not have the chance to do what you do.Before it's too late, start remembering it.

Before it is too late,open your eyes to the present. Take your heart for a walkand value everything around you.

"You have to pay attention to the details, they are sowing small pebbles that guide us in our life".

-Katherine Pancol-

Life is not short, but we are slow to start living it

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