Become your best friend

Become your best friend

Throughout life, we meet thousands of people, some of whom become friends or acquaintances with whom we enjoy leisure time, or who bring us bad luck.

Most people have been disappointed at least once in their lives because they gave too much, but did not receive back when they needed it.

Friendships can break down, and unfortunately it creates mistrust when it comes to getting to know new people better.
Ideally, we should learn from our mistakes,and that we find a point of balance between trust and mistrust.

If you are overconfident, it can end up hurting you because you give priority to anyone without sorting.
However, being too suspicious can also be negative because you are eliminating from your life a lot of people who could have become true friends.
It's all about dosing, after all, confidence rhymes with caution.

There is only one life-long friendship that will never disappoint you: it's friendship with yourself.
How to become your best friend? Think about how you behave with a friend you care about, and apply your observations to yourself.
Sometimes we are very kind and understanding towards others, we support them, push them to excel, comfort them, etc. But do you do all this for yourself? Do the words that you repeat yourself in your heart are attentive and respectful?

For example, imagine that you are having a drink with someone you like. She tells you that she had a horrible day at work, that she made a mistake, and that she had to start over all she had done during the day. His boss blamed him for being a traveling disaster and a low-skilled employee.

What would you say to this friend to comfort him after this bad day of work? It is certain that if you appreciate it, you will show him that anyone can make a mistake, that it is in human nature, and thathe should not doubt his abilities for a simple mistake that anyone could have made.

What would you do if you were in his place? If you do not have a high regard for yourself, you will surely think: "I'm good for nothing", "I'm a disaster", "I'm doing everything wrong", etc.

Why are you more demanding with yourself than with others? Why do you show more understanding to a good friend than to yourself if you sincerely believe that anyone can make a mistake?

Everything is based on affection, because you will always try to help or comfort someone you love or appreciate. On the other hand, if you do not love yourself, you will be overwhelmed by negative words that will slowly blur your self-confidence.

Whenever you feel negative emotions,Ask yourself what you would tell a friend if he was in your situation, and apply it to yourself.

The outside world is not stable, you can meet people who support you and believe in you, but who may still be disappointed. However, if you create a good indoor climate, and become your own best friend, then you will have a stable base for life.

What you are looking for so much in the outside world, you already have it inside. Enjoy moments shared with those around you, but remember that you can not place unconditional trust in the human being, which by definition is flawed.

If you give everything, you run the risk of finding yourself with nothing the day you need it,and this will only create dependence, not tenderness or affection.

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