Be positive!

Be positive!

Life is full of good, like nasty surprises ; everything depends on the path taken by this common thread that leads our lives from birth to the day when it ends up breaking.

Things will happen, whether we like it or not. We try to pay attention to everything, and we want our loved ones to do the same.

But one day, this day we hope to see arrive as late as possible, we can leave our home, stumble through the door, and open the skull. Or, that same day, we can also leave our home, and fall on the love of our life.

If we can not control everything around us, we can control our emotions, our feelings, and our way of seeing life.

Today, we do not know if we are going to open our skulls against a sidewalk or if we are going to find love … on the other hand, we can go out and be convinced that we will find love; this is where our strength and the power of our spirit lie.

We can not predict the future, since at first glance, nothing in our lives is really constant, and we have no way to get clues that could tell us more about what will happen to us in the long run.

Nevertheless, if we are convinced that our professional life will be a success, it is more likely that this desire will materialize than if we think otherwise. Everyone is aware of this reality, but no one is applying this principle in a streamlined way.

In reality, the prevailing mentality is that of thinking that things will go badly, as if such a philosophy could protect you from bad luck. We believe that the more we are pessimistic, the more we optimize our chances of having a bright future. We play with the "field of the possible".

If we are sure that we will miss his exam before we even pass it and that we get the score of 5/20, we will be the happiest person in the world.

On the other hand, if one thinks to have succeeded and one gets 5/20, one will be very sad. But in any case, the note is the same.
Between the time we pass the examination and the one where we discover the score obtained, we "suffer", we convince ourselves that we have not succeeded, because we prefer to believe that we failed rather than allow ourselves to hope we have succeeded.

Why do not we think of what we can potentially achieve? Are we afraid? But afraid of what? Failure, reality?

This fear becomes absurdbecause it is impossible to know exactly what tomorrow will be done. We can therefore face this part of doubt either by being afraid or by being positive.

Fear throws us into insecurity, sets us limits, and alienates the freedom of the mind, and more widely people. Fear is something natural, it is this alarm that says "attention, something will happen". But what will happen?

If we summarize things, there are only two options: either something is going well, something is bad. Each of these options are equally likely to occur.

Is fear to be? Can we not turn our fearful thoughts into positive and hopeful ideas that would be more rewarding for our behavior and well-being?

It has been proved that positive people live better and longer than those we could call "cursed", or negative. In other words, having positive thoughts strengthens our thread and allows it to last longer.

In the morning, when we wake up, we can say to ourselves: "Ah, look, it's gray … Today it's going to rain for sure! There will be traffic jams, I'll be late for work, my boss will give me point out, I will not have time to finish all I have to do, and I have a ton of work … "

Or: "Well … It's cloudy today, but in the middle of winter, it's normal, I'm going to spend a day at home or at work, warm, I'll take my car and leave a little earlier than to avoid traffic jams, so I can get to work on time and do all I have to do today. "

These are two very different behaviors. In the first case, you go to work in a bad mood, which does not help you to be on good terms with your friends and family.

On the other hand, in the second case, you have a smile on your lips, which releases into your brain substances promoting well-being, and allows you to spend a normal day, certainly, but pleasant and positive.

Positive people find it easier to connect with others, so they have more friends and acquaintances. They attract us, overflowing with positive energy and good waves. We know that near them, we will feel good, and everyone will agree that it's nice.

When we see a person we do not knowsmilewe want to go to her rather than to the woman next to her, serious and impassive. This does not mean that one has to go out into the street and laugh out loud, but a smiling, welcoming face reflects a satisfied, and therefore active, interior.

Being positive is almost the same as being happy because you leave out the fear, and you see the glass half full rather than half empty.

We live every moment as if it were the last, we take advantage of the power of the present, we think constructively, in a way that brings us joy, hope, dreams, illusions and happiness.

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