Be careful of the words you use, they can be hurtful!

Be careful of the words you use, they can be hurtful!

Have you ever realized the power of words? Of the scope they can have? Even if your words are not material, they can still caress or otherwise hurt your interlocutor in no time.

These things that are sometimes said

Imagine someone constantly telling a child (or yourself) that he is worthless. This someone, it can be his mother, his father, his friend … even several people, with the time. Even if this accusation is unfair and exaggerated, if it is repeated regularly to the child, then his unconscious might play him a bad trick, because he will keep the charge in a corner of his head, as well as feelings of anger, depression or resignation.

Over time, he might start believing that he is worth nothingand that he is incapable of doing anything good. Indeed, in these situations where he will have to confront himself, his unconscious will activate the previously integrated automatic message.

He thus enters a vicious circle: convinced that he is worthless, he acts according to this thought which all his acts thus confirm. Therefore, the accusation that was initially wrong finally makes sense.

But not everybody reacts in this way because some people may feel embarrassed, offended or disappointed. Everyone has their own way of reacting and interpreting what others say.

The important thing is that communication with a person whether formal or informal, you have to pay attention to the words you use, because we often tend to throw words without thinking about their range.

Words are therefore generally considered harmless. Yet sometimes they can leave indelible marks.

Words can be hurtful … What to do to become aware of it?

First of all, take note of the advice given in this little anonymous story:

Take a sheet of paper. Crumple her, spoil her, bend her, make a ball of paper, it's as you prefer; everyone can proceed in his own way. Then try to put this sheet of paper back in its original state. Not easy, is it? Indeed, it is impossible. Whatever you do, there will always be folds.

People's hearts are like paper: if they are hurt verbally, it will be difficult to erase the traces left in them. Sometimes, on the stroke of anger, we can no longer control ourselves and we launch words full of hatred and resentment. Then, afterwards, when we think back, we regret … but it's already too late.

Why not think before acting? How would you react if you were in the place of the other, facing yourself?

Let's learn to be understanding and patient!

One day, someone said: Do notarle that if your words are as sweet as silence.

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