Avoid obstacles on your way

Avoid obstacles on your way

I am the only one who can change my life.

Carol burnett.

Certain aspects of our way of being, of our behavior, of our physical image, of our life can not be modified under any circumstances. It is totally ridiculous to suffer psychologically because of these aspects that we will never be able to change, no matter how much time passes.

In this case, it is best to accept ourselves with all our flaws and weaknesses, and to be able to tell the difference between what we can change and what we can not change.

These are lessons that we must constantly repeat in our heart of hearts in order to improve our self-esteem so that we can appreciate the other virtues and innate qualities we all possess.

When we feel that something in our surroundings we do not like, and if we have the power to remedy it, the best for us is to try to use all the means at our disposal, as well as to engage all our will to change this thing.

Sooner or later, a break will occur, and the frustration of accepting harmful or bad situations will disappear.

Resignation is one of those dangerous situations. It acts as an obstacle which, if we end up resigning ourselves, will envelop us with continual inner dissatisfaction. Moreover, this feeling will only undermine our self-esteem, and will create a certain disdain for ourselves.

Our silhouette, the color of our eyes, just like our past are difficult to modify. On the other hand, as we must accept these circumstances, we should also oblige ourselves to reach our most precious goals to live without cracks or humidity.

It's about living according to our possibilities and our true feelings, changing our behavior or lifestyle if they do not suit us.

The consequences of being oneself involve to show oneself to others in its true light, regardless of their opinion, and without fearing their criticism.

The most important thing is to try to establish some harmony, by showing us proud to be what we wish to beand feeling more admirable in choosing without fear every step we take in our path.

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