Authentic personality: an inspiring human profile

Authentic personality: an inspiring human profile

Authentic personality gives priority to healthy relationships. Authentic people are untruthful, free from prejudice and independent when they have to follow their own path. They believe in mutual respect, the principle of reciprocity and the values ​​that face hypocrisy. These profiles stand out as authentic references that can inspire us, motivate us to be better.

There is a pair of years, the magazine Forbes published a very interesting work on this subject. It pointed out thatemotional intelligence is, today, a basic resource that allows us to find more satisfaction at the personal and professional levels. However, in this skill based on the world of emotions there is a small "trap".

"Authenticity requires a certain amount of vulnerability, transparency and integrity."

-Janet Louis Stephenson-

Emotional intelligence is not very useful without the authentic personality. This is something we can see for example in business leaders. Often, they are trained to have certain social skills such as positivity, empathy, and emotional management, but none of these can really be perceived at the organizational level. Something is not working properly.

The person who lacks that authentic dimension of self-reflection, transparency, sincerity and closeness will never succeed in promoting the human capital of a company. She will not know how to motivate, inspire confidence and create a professional climate in which her words and actions will awaken admiration or inspiration.

Authentic personality, is it born or obtained?

We know that in our day, the means to teach us to be emotionally intelligent is not lacking. However, can we learn to be authentic people? In fact, are we born with this type of profile or do we get it over time? We must remember the fact that we are talking about a personality type as such. The repertoire of attitudes, thoughts, behaviors and psychological dynamics is therefore the result of various factors.

Thus, as geneticist Dean Hamer tells us, we must always take into account certain biological components. for exampleit is known that a gene is responsible for regulating the amount of dopamine that is released in the nucleus accumbens of the brain. This would be responsible for the fact that we are "genetically" more oriented towards motivation and the search for satisfying experiences, and also of our more or less important ability to be happy.

In fact, the educational factors, the socio-cultural context and our experience have a direct weight. Personality is like a fabulous sculpture that is created from a material of more or less good quality. To this sculpture, we add other complements, other techniques to highlight the shape, each corner, each detail.

We can come into the world with a predefined authentic personality. However, with willingness, open-mindedness and adequate strategies we can round off the angles and fill the voids to make our psychological garden conform, to make it stronger, more authentic and more honest.

How to learn to be authentic?

At present, there are no psychological or emotional dimensions that can not be learned. The human being has an immense (and sometimes devalued) capacity for change. There is always a full responsibility on the part of the individual for this personal improvement, so progress is possible. Let's take a look at the approaches to becoming a real person.

Practice sincerity

Practicing sincerity should be a habit and not a personal obligation. Nevertheless, this practice has delicate nuances.

  • In the first place, the authentic personality takes time to realize his needs. This promotes proper inner work to get to know each other better, to understand their limits and values.
  • Moreover, this type of person is careful when he has to choose what he will communicate. He will use sincerity, but also respect. He is good at expressing his reality in a positive way.
  • On the other hand, the authentic personality does not try to convince anyone with his arguments. She exposes her opinions in a direct way, but does not need the opinion of others to know if she is right.

Internal motivation

Authentic and genuine people are active according to their ideals and beliefs. They do not need external approval, nor do they need to meet the expectations of others. Being authentic is also about developing a certain amount of courage.

Emotional recovery abilities

We are sometimes numerous to be stuck in the path of disappointments, errors, losses … These negative emotional worlds that we do not want to manage definitely hinder our progress. The authentic personality, for its part, has developed an adequate capacity for resilience that allows it to accept these states, learn from them and recover to turn the page as quickly as possible.

Without fear of failure and vision of the future

Authentic people have in them a compass and a road map that they build on the way. If one day they face a failure, they draw another path, they seek an alternative bridge. If at a given moment the motivation falls, they stop and rest. The future is always there, filled with possibilities and hopes, those who push the inspiration of the authentic person and lead it towards his dreamed horizon.

Generosity and social conscience

Few profiles have a greater social awareness than these men and women showing us a boundless authenticity. So, if we really want to be like them, we can imitate them. Understand the fact that we are not alone, that others are part of us and that through respect, harmony and reciprocity are reflected in our emotional well-being.

To achieve this, to reach this summit where live the authentic people, nothing better than to leave aside the prejudices. Let's free ourselves from critics, oxidized visions, stereotypes, labels that objectify people. Let's open ourselves to the common experience to learn from each other.

Developing this type of social and emotional competence requires certain doses of courage, humility, heart, and personal integrity. Let's practice.

Authentic people speak without fear

How to become a more authentic person and dare to say what you think? Here are some key points to achieve this. Learn more
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