Assume death and mourning

Assume death and mourning

The most inevitable and difficult event in everyone's existence is, without a doubt, the death.
Surviving this whirlwind of painful feelings and negative thoughts that invade us requires understanding and time.

Mourning is an adaptive response that occupies an important place in the minds of those who have come to know the death of a loved one. During this period, different stages occur.

A first state of upheaval and confusion, which is due to this new extremely violent situation, makes us react in an explosive way, or on the contrary very calm. This happens because, internally, part of our mind refuses to admit reality.

Then, the second stage is characterized by a very powerful disorder and anxiety, which usually leads to feelings of guilt in relation to events, quarrels or unspoken things that will now remain unresolved with the death of the beloved.

Four to six weeks after the death, a depression usually appears. And, slowly, the pain begins to subside until the bereaved person can return to a normal life.

Sharing your pain and lightening the weight on your shoulders is the best way to overcome grief. Friends and family are of fundamental importance in helping to assimilate difficult moments.

There are also some therapies that are based on simple actions, such as painting, writing or photographing, to allow the affected people to express their emotions, and relieve themselves of the weight of the tragedy.
It can also involve contact with pets, or self-help groups on social networks.

The professional help of a psychologist is another alternative to achieve a stable emotional equilibrium again, which has been undermined by this situation.

In any case, we must find a way to express our feelings and negative thoughts, so that they are less heavy to wear, and more and more easy to express.
Grieving is usually a long process that lasts approximately 6 months to 2 years, depending on each person.

In one way or another, we will all face death. It's a devastating event that can help us think that every day of our lives is an opportunity to to feel joy, and to live fully, until the end of our story comes.

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