Are you really happy in your life?

Are you really happy in your life?

Are you happy with what you are doing right now? Think about it.

Maybe you are devoting yourself to a job that does not really please you, that you are accompanied by a person who does not suit you or that you do not do what you really like because you invent an apology for lack of time permanently.

We tend to live in automatic mode, filled with obligations and responsibilities regardless of our personal well-being, as if we were not the protagonist of our own life.

The only thing we know how to do is forget ourselves.

We are getting very young and we are not even wondering if we are where we would like to be, if we are doing what we want to do, and if we are with the person who fits us.

"The only way to work for something good is to love what you do"
-Steve Jobs-

Maybe you are so used to your daily schedule and routine that you do not even want to see the possibility of a change.

Have you ever thought about it? The habit can be a good companion for our tranquility but it also has the ability to limit ourselves and prevent our development, whether professional or social or personal.

The difference between habit and passion

It is not the same thing as devoting oneself to something when one feels a true vocation and a certain passion, than to do a compulsory job, out of obligation, and towards which one feels no interest.

It is not the same thing to be with the person who makes you happy and to which you are accustomed, than to live with it in mutual indifference.

It is not the same thing to do things because we have to do them, than to lead them because they bring us a touch of happiness to our life.

There is a difference between doing things out of habit and doing them out of passion. The habit leads to automatism, to inertia, to not realizing.

Passion brings to life, desires, dreams and colors. Emotion is in passion and not in habit. Happiness creates an attitude, a fulfilled life and opportunities.

Maybe the world needs people who love what they do but who need to do the things they love and focus on what they love.

"The secret of happiness and virtue: to love what we are obliged to do"

-Aldous Huxley-

You must love what you do

You need to bring back that intense brilliance in your eyes, you need the emotion and the intensity to come back into your lives, hope will come and your dreams will come together.

You need to love your everyday life and all that it assumes.You need to be the engine of your life and to be able to direct it to where you want, with the people you love and in the way that seems to be the best.

At the risk of seeming utopian, we can say that anything is possible. We need cravings, courage and a great deal of passion, curiosity and dreams.

Dreams do not come out of nowhere, you have to go get them. The only way to achieve this is by initiating cravings for change and abundant doses of effort to fight for our dreams.

The results happen but over time. You must decide to take control of your life and start planting seeds that will become fruit.

It will not be a simple task, but we can tell you that it will be one of the most beautiful and enjoyable things you will do in your life. The value of the fight is priceless.

Do what you love and you will be happy

There may be times when you behave like the main character at the beginning of this story, you feel tired and enveloped in an atmosphere of carelessness and inertia, unhappy and with a dream at the top. from your list that you expect it to come true.

However, there is no perfect moment. You create the moment to make your dreams come true.

Be the one who creates the opportunity of your life.

Why do not you start to struggle little by little for your dreams and to believe in your happiness? Tired of working for a pre-made food factory, a man decided to mark a turning point in his life and began cultivating natural foods to work for a better world.

You too can do it, you just have to find what you really like and go looking for it, with patience, effort, courage but above all by never forgetting the love of what we do.

The happiest people are those who have found what they want to do and have decided to implement it.

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