An easy way to improve your mood

An easy way to improve your mood

Hundreds of scientific studies confirm the impact of exercise on our mood.

It has been established that regular physical activity has a preventive effect against anxiety and depression problems.

We often forget that the body and the spirit form an inseparable block.What happens in the body affects the mind and vice versa.

As a result, there are important reasons to establish that the mind determines the proper functioning of the body.

That's why when you feel sad, the probability of getting a virus or suffering from migraines as well as digestion problems increases.

The reason is simple: what we call "spirit" resides in a physical place called the brain. This organ determines the functioning of the whole body and affects each organ.

An anemic state, like depression, is expressed organically in different ways. One of them is the emergence of certain chemical changes in the functioning of the brain.

The production of endorphins and other components is less, which has the effect of altering emotions.

The response of science to these regular phenomena is the automatic prescription of drugs to regain lost balance.

The problem is that the effect of these drugs is only temporary. It can then result in a dynamic similar to that of an addict, which consists of consuming the drug on a regular basis to feel better.

Furthermorepsychiatric medications have noticeable side effects that affect both physical and mental health.

Some people experience tremors, sleep disturbances, or nausea when taking these medications.

For many experts, this type of treatment can not be the solution to the problem because it only allows to hide it.

The ideal would be to treat depression through conversation and words, as part of a therapy.

However, not everyone is attracted by this possibility or, in any case, they can not find pain relief in the short term unless they consult a professional.

This is where physical exercise comes in as an inexpensive, fun and highly effective alternative to treating these types of symptoms.

During a research conducted at Duke University, a group of adults with depression followed a physical exercise plan on a regular basis. In another group, the problem was treated with a drug against depression: "Sétraline".

In both cases, there was an improvement in the same proportion.

This study and many others validate the hypothesis that physical exercise produces the same chemical changes in the brain as drugs.

Some researchers go further by saying that physical exercise is capable of altering certain genes that would affect mood.

Moreover, there seems to be a close relationship between exercise andself esteem. This tends to increase when we pursue a regular program of physical activity.

Sedentary living, on the other hand, has the opposite effect. The more physically passive the person is, the more likely they are to suffer episodes of anxiety and depression.

The effects of physical activity are felt almost immediately, but a significant change only occurs when it is practiced regularly.

Exercising for about 20 minutes a day can increase your feeling of well-being, much more than you can imagine.

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