Afraid of nothing

Afraid of nothing

I am vulnerable. A gust of wind can bring down a tree and sign the end of my life. A motorist can knock me down on the road and take my life. As I write these words, my heart can stop beating.

These things and many more can happen to you too. You are vulnerable, like me, and like the people you love: your mother, your son or your friend.

Recognizing that our life is not in our hands, only makes us a little more aware of things.

I have the feeling that we have lost the awareness of what is fragile in our existence.

It's not important, but it still has consequences. Living in a reality that does not exist, is an invitation to take a poisoned meal.

We scratch the days on the calendar as we traced sticks with our classmate when we were bored in class. We sleep in buses and underground trains, we open the door of our house … we are like the locomotive that passes through marked paths.

We spend our time boasting, protecting, attacking, talking about others. In the shop of life, one behaves like the rich man who enters and buys anything that pleases him as if his money were an inexhaustible source, and as if time was an inexhaustible source.

Make a balance sheet. You put on one side your pleasures, and on the other hand your obligations and other appointments?

The average time a person spends meeting their obligations to survive is enormous.

Another detrimental consequence of lack of fear and awareness of our vulnerability is that we are strangers to suffering.

We think that if we do things well, if we get on the right track in effort and the sacrifice, then all will be well.

So, why should we help someone who has freely chosen not to follow the recipe for success?

One consents to misery because one thinks that those who undergo it have deserved. We think we will never be subjected to it.

Thus, our low perception of our non-vulnerability and the absence of similar facts in our personal lives separate us, in our minds, from people who suffer misery.

To lift our eyes from the book we are reading or to rediscover our human nature, this barrier between us and these people must collapse. And for that, misery must strike near us.

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