Adversity, a master that few people listen to

Adversity, a master that few people listen to

Some lines of thought reveal messages that go against adversity. They assure that it must be avoided at all costs. They also point out that a happy life is a life without difficulties and obstacles. We also find the idea that all difficulties are sources of discomfort: they must therefore be eradicated.

Making generalizations on the dark side of adversity is a mistake.Whether we like it or not, adversity is part of life.Suffering is present everywhere and denying this idea will not make it disappear. In fact, difficulties are a precious reality and give meaning to existence.

"There is no man more unhappy than the one whom adversity ignores because he does not have the opportunity to be put to the test."


Suppose there is a person who has never had to face adversity.Who, for one reason or another, has only lived happy moments. She never knew obstacles and always got what she wanted. What would be the consequences of such a life? The result would surely be a personality lacking sensitivity and selfishness. This person would probably have a hard time valuing what they have and setting long-term goals.

Adversity makes us experience bitter moments that are sometimes difficult to overcome. However, it also brings us immense lessons.Those who know how to discover and learn from them are usually those who have more meaningful lives.

Positive thinking and adversity

About three decades ago,positive philosophies have begun to emerge.Most of these lines of thought were born in the United States and have become very popular around the world. Hundreds ofbest sellerssold and a large number of seminars, conferences and events took place.

This type of philosophy, from a more radical point of view, practically imposes happiness as a form of life.It advocates the idea of ​​a blind optimism and without nuances, which must prevail whatever the circumstances. It is an invitation to flee the negative side of situations, people or life itself.

People should therefore, according to these ideas, live in a perpetual state of joy, well-being and euphoria.As if the suffering, the contradictions, the mourning, the sadness, the irritation or the frustration did not exist.

These concepts, especially when extreme, are just an invitation to self-deception.They are also a source of guilt. Why? Because we rarely reach this kind of nirvana. Most of the time, we condemn ourselves to reflect on why we are unable to achieve the fullness of the books and lectures.

Adversity, an inevitable fact

Basically, we all want to live an existence without these shocks caused by losses.Or without the bitterness caused by betrayal, disenchantment or the impossibility of achieving decisive goals.

If death did not cause all this pain or if we could do everything we propose, everything would be simpler.But why do we think simplicity is the best thing


Adversity is absolutely inevitable.The simple fact that we are all condemned to die already marks the mark of a deep limit to our entire existence.

However,a large part of the savoir-vivre lies in the ability to face adversity. You have to look into your eyes, recognize it and accept it. And do not pretend not to see her. We must not forget to assume the responsibility that lies with us.

The lessons of adversity

Eastern and Western philosophies have given a different place to failure, frustration and adversity.The key is not in painful facts in themselves. It is in the attitude we adoptto confront them.

We suffer more by not accepting adversity.The refusal to admit that we have reached a limit and that this desire is impossible does not mean that all the good things in life will be denied to us forever.

We know each other better during times of adversity.We better understand life and others when we have felt in our flesh the effects of suffering. By adopting a perspective of learning and humility, bad times help us to shape our character. They invite us to make a positive change and to renew ourselves. In addition, they help to give more meaning and intensity to happy moments. These are necessarily waiting for us on the path of life.

In the face of adversity, some people exceed their limits and others break

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