Adopt the psychology of the cat!

Adopt the psychology of the cat!

Venerable and admired by great civilizations, the cats were brought back from Egypt by Napoleon, who wanted to get rid of rats and other small pests carrying infectious diseases.

They are those silent and cunning companions sometimes considered supernatural whom we can learn so much. Albert Einstein said it: "I do not have great talents, only a deep curiosity."

1. Cats, these curious ones

Curiosity is that quality that makes us mature as living beings; it multiplies knowledge and explores the paths of our own needs.

A scared cat who does not like to look out the window, it does not exist … If we see the world with fear and we do not face the consequences of our actions out of fear, the little hunter in us does not can not open the doors that sometimes offers us life.

We must dare to explore the world with the discretion and cunning of a cat; sometimes it can lead us to great discoveries.

2. Small negotiators

Cats do not submit; they negotiate, and if we accept them, then they will accept us too.Difficult to win their affection if they are threatened, hit, or given too strict orders. Indeed, with cats, it is necessary to show a dose of patience, a pinch of understanding, and not skimp on affection!

Once the relationship is established, your cat will be completely faithful to you. The relationship with your cat is a simple metaphor for respect and tolerance. Every human being must take this into account and stop locking yourself in his little world where everything must go fast and where competition is at the base of everything.

3. Sense of opportunity

These little beings have also the chic to always achieve their ends: they are patient, meticulous, and know how to evaluate the risks to make things turn in their favor.

Our life is punctuated by opportunities, but still it is necessary to see them and deploy all the capabilities and tools needed to capture them.

Why can not we take advantage of certain moments in our lives? Perhaps because of lack of initiative, or perhaps because we did not know how to see the opportunity presented to us, which often happens when we are afraid.

We must be attentive, lively, and keep in our best weapons as well as this feline confidence that must be taken advantage of on all occasions.

4. Lifestyle: serenity

Cats are avid hunters who know when to rest. Reaching a goal, whatever it is, requires a certain amount of energy that must be known to channel optimally so as not to let itself overflow.

Cats are masters in the field, and that's why we admire them … They breathe tranquility! When they sleep, it's a deep sleep. They never waste their strength unnecessarily …

Cats live for themselves, and are special creatures that you can learn a lot from if you watch them a little every day.

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