Acting out of pride is not always a good thing

Acting out of pride is not always a good thing

Pride makes you feel strong. It is the armor facing your weaknesses, the standard of your victories. However, if you abuse it, you will make a clear distance with people who love you.

Let's start by clarifying something important, which you may already know: Pride can have a positive dimension.

We all need her to maintain a self-esteem measuredand to value ourselves as capable and deserving people.

Thus, conversely, we can safely say that pride, in its dark and radical reverse, can sometimes fall into excess and become the famous "capital sin" that is pride.

We all have already achieved something and we have all enjoyed a little moment of glory, but this must not be turned into a weapon to humiliate others and to stand on a pedestal, claiming to have the infused science and to be above others.

We are certain that in your social or family circle, there is someone who walks proudly.

This disproportionate pride takes you away from this person and prevents you from going to her because you know for a fact that she will not be interested in your point of view, that she will not value your words and that she will notdo not know what empathy is.

Let's think about this notion of pride today to understand what is hidden behind this kind of behavior.

Intricate complexes of pride

If there is a context in which pride is particularly painful, it is in relationships. We know that it is not always easy to harmonize the "you" and the "me" to become an "us".

However, in case of excess of self-esteem, it is there that problems and conflicts appear and that the distance settles.

The greatest danger is when pride reaches the sphere of pride. Here are the typical behaviors of proud people:

  • They do not take their mistakes.
  • They do not bring constructive criticism, but direct attacks.
  • They have a high self-esteem, and everything revolves around them.
  • To be proud is to fall into excess, to seek to be admired and put forward.
  • Often, these people place themselves in victims when they do not feel sufficiently recognized, to then bring out their domineering and authoritarian side.

1. What do people who are too proud and proud hide?

Although this may surprise you, be aware that under these proud armor of self-sufficiency and perfection hide great wounds.

Low self-esteem, or keeping track of things that hurt you, can provoke a defensive reaction that drives one's successes to hide one's weaknesses.

Pride is a simple armor and a subtle mechanism to lie to oneself. If I believe myself invincible, and think that I am sufficient for myself, I prove my power over others, and no one sees my inner faults.

This extreme pride, inflamed by a lack of empathy, causes others to gradually move away from such people.

They will eventually fall into a vicious circle unpleasant. Their inner voids are camouflaged by their pride, but pride plunges them into solitude, and loneliness leads to resentment. Thus, the bitterness is continually fed.

2. Pride breeds even more pride and prevents the positive

If my half acts out of pride, it is very likely that I will end up reproducing the same thing, being tired of fighting for it to change.

So we come to this famous situation:"If your pride kills you, mine prevents me from going to your burial."

It is true that we often act out of pride to protect ourselves, because it is very difficult to stay the course in this kind of situations rich in emotions.

These proud people are gradually closing and digging daily the gap that separates them from others.

They can only feel rancor. There is nothing more destructive than suffering because of your pride and not seeing your own injury.

How to properly manage our pride?

  • Go back to the positive side of pride! Only the inner voice values ​​you, and allows you to see your successes and your qualities.
  • So-called "healthy" pride is important for your self-esteem, but always under the reins of humility. It is essential to be able to recognize your mistakes and know your limits.
  • Pride must go hand in hand with understanding, acceptance of others, and of course, empathy.

Never put aside your dignity if you must sometimes face these proud personalities.

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