Acceptance: the process of your personal development

Acceptance: the process of your personal development

In life, we stumble on steps that were not the ones we expected, and the only way that our emotional well-being is not severely impaired, is to welcome in our life acceptance.
Accepting what you can not change is something vital for you to move forward and transform your life.
Who has not wanted, at a given moment, that the reality he is experiencing is different? Faced with every situation that makes you suffer, you must analyze if you are able to solve it. You create an action plan to improve your life.
But if you see that you can not do anything to change what is bothering you, and want to keep moving forward, you must accept the reality, or you will suffer far more than necessary.
Fighting against an immutable reality is a waste of unnecessary energy, and harmful. Only after accepting things can you turn the page without suffering.

To accept does not mean to resign oneself

We will explain the differences between resignation and acceptance:

– The acceptance means the tolerance of a situation. To know that life is sometimes difficult, and that everything can not be as one wishes, while remaining in action.

You can withstand some unpleasant situations, without them causing you an exaggerated malaise.

But, beyond living in a context that you do not like, you refocus on other aspects of your life, to try to open new doors.

To accept is to abandon a struggle against something insoluble, and look for other paths that allow you to live as you wish.
This is characterized by thoughts like, "It's like that, and I can not do anything about it, I avoid this situation, and I continue my life to reach my goals."

– Resignation happens when we can not tolerate a situation. Since things are not as we would like, we become self-contained, and we take refuge in lack of action and in stagnation.

Negative emotions then appear, and we give up, we believe that we can not improve our lives.
This is characterized by thoughts like, "I can not do anything to change my life, I am unhappy and I will always be."
These complaints and this victimization make the hope of a better future disappear.

The person who thinks this does not open up new possibilities and conforms to a life that yet displeases him. It will not move an inch to change the situation, which will generate a great deal of frustration.

Your future is in your hands

Accept reality and do something so that you can get out of this situation that makes you unhappy. Everything can not be as you wish, and all the people around you can not be equal to you.

Acceptance is your best friend to live a less stressful life. Open your mind to new possibilities, and even if your environment and your life are not as you would like it now, you will reap the fruits of a better future if you sow in the present.

Keep in mind that every little step, every action, no matter how small, will turn into something big in the near future. 

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