A woman drug is a woman who looks at life with love and kindness

A woman drug is a woman who looks at life with love and kindness

Every woman's love is a woman's medicine. A woman who fills herself with strength, who kindly feeds those around her, who looks serene over life, who confides in her identity, who heals with a kiss.

A woman drug is a woman who fills with energy, who inspires and gives affection, who erects its secrets, who deepens, who is generous, who knows the forgiveness, who lives in grace, who learns to know.

A woman drug is human, compassionate, aware of her power, her inspiration, her permanence, her chaos and her order, defender of her life, her needs, her dreams and the basket of her forgetfulness.

The gift of being a woman medicine

That's why a woman drug is a woman who, if she passes, stays. A woman who always takes your heart, who walks determinedly, who is aware of what is happening around her, which is decisive.

She does not know perfection or imperfection, she IS, simply. With this power, she helps others to be. This requires a call, a struggle with his judgments, a conflict with his entourage.

Being a woman love is not always easy because you have to fight against all that does not allow us to feel what each moment transmits, all that tries to manage our rights, to submit our dreams, everything that underestimates our needs.

So, to be a woman drug, it is also to say "stop", not to allow slavery, to be oneself, not to be in need, but to love unconditionally and beyond any possibility. And here we are on the scale that hypnotizes the emotional balance of the woman.

The strength of a woman's love

There is nothing that is as strong as the love of a woman who persists in taking care of her well-being, who accepts herself, who understands her present and who takes into account her past .

Through her experiences and knowledge, the medicine woman shares the depth of time, the transcendence of aspirations and the importance of accumulating dreams.

In the depths of the soul of every woman lies a warrior who throbs, who illuminates, who fills her with hope, by force, and weapons to fight.

It is this inner warrior who has dressed her wounds and who has treated her with all the betrayals, all the deceptions, all the rejections she has been able to wipe off.

And this light that makes it mature, become interesting, exploit its intelligence, know how to manage itself, balance its intuition and reason, embellish the art of life and lute against adversity.

The heart of the woman is an ocean of mysteries

The heart of the woman love is an ocean of mysteries full of fish that shine when it is dark, which makes it as strange as magic.

The heart of the woman's medicine is something that connects the depths of a thousand mysteries.

It is a heart that pulsates in itself, which breaks down into kindness, respect, security, strength, intelligence and tenderness.

These are the principles that support the edifice of the woman's medicine, the one that looks at her life generously, the one that does not catch.

Therefore, the acts connect and balance with the feeling and the thought; the woman is aware of herself, of who she is, what she has been and what she is capable of being. Because the best remedy is acceptance …

The woman drug is one who is dressed in strength and dignity, which has keys that open doors to tales, makeup reality with nuances of liveliness, a collection of patterns, reasons to hang on …

The best medicine for the soul is the gentleness of another human being, the kindness and sensitivity of the listener, the one who treats himself with respect and regards others as a treasure. That's what defines the woman's love, the woman's medicine.

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