A strong character to protect yourself

A strong character to protect yourself

One day, a monk from the East saw a drowning scorpion. He decided to pull him out of the water, and when he did, the scorpion piqued him. By the effect of the pain, the monk let go of the animal which fell back into the water and drowned again …
Then he tried to shoot him again and the animal stung him again. The scene was repeated several times: he took it out of the water and was stung every time.

Someone who was watching approached the monk and said: "Why are you so stubborn? Do not you understand that every time you try to pull him out of the water he will sting you? "
The monk answered him: "The nature of the scorpion is to sting, and it's not going to change mine that's helping."

To strengthen one's character one must first overcome one's fearsbecause fear prevents you from taking risks. Yet to live fully is sometimes to risk doing certain things and making decisions alone.

A person who stays true to its principleswho has strong convictions and who is above all able to control and master his impulses, has a strong character.

Obviously, these people have fearsbut what differentiates them is that they are able to confront them. They do not move away from it and do not allow themselves to be defeated in the face of adversity.

To live is not a simple thing. The world can be wonderful but so cruel at once …

Maintaining a solid character allows us to accept things as they are and not as we would like them to be. This allows us to move away from weak people who never dare anything and whose ego bends before anything because it has neither price nor value.

The essential thing is not to receive, but to offer; it is not to have but to be; it is not controlling but sharing; it is not to submit but to agree –Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel

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