A person and a robot: new lovers of the future

A person and a robot: new lovers of the future

Artificial intelligence is growing at an unprecedented rate and its future is unpredictable. Just a few weeks ago, Facebook announced that it had to deactivate a system it had created, for an unusual reason: it began to think for itself. Without knowing exactly how, the system developed its own language.

Although this case has been widely publicized, it is not the only one that has occurred in recent years. Already in the past, other developers had detected that some machines had tried to perform actions on their own. Artificial intelligence is precisely that: giving machines the tools they need to function as a human brain.

"When the computers take over, we may not get it back, we'll survive on their whim, let's hope they decide to keep us as pets.

-Marvin Misky-

In the meantime, technology already has the ability to create robots to replace human beings in various tasks. Human-looking robots, for example, are booming, helping those with paralysis and helping them to perform certain tasks.

Furthermore, in China, Xiaoice, a robot representing a 16-year-old girl who was designed to talk to people, caused a sensation. Unlike humans, this robot does not get tired, does not get bored and has a great sense of humor that it never loses. Many human beings have claimed to have fallen in love with this humanoid robot. Would we be at the forefront of a new era in the future, where machines and people can form couples?

An unsuspected future

We still do not know where technology leads us. Even the creators and the developers themselves do not know it. We do not yet know if we have opened Pandora's box or if the future is just a curious new chapter in the history of humanity. What is clear, there is a tendency to create machines that look more and more like humans and eventually replace them.

The first fully intelligent doll should appear in the years to come. This will be the first sexbot in history. It will be a sex doll, but it will have intelligence and the ability to learn from the behavior of its users. That is to say, it will have the ability to reprogram itself, to please its owner.

The owner of these "toys" can request them according to his needs, defining what their physical characteristics should be and also their personality. The developers no longer speak of robots in the strict sense, but call them "humanoids". The relationship between humans and machines begins to transcend the work table. In the future, irrevocably, they will be able to form couples.

A human being and a smart robot

It will be the new couple of the future: a human being and a robot or intelligent automaton. Experts in the field say that by 2050, it will be a common reality. The dream of those who find it difficult to accept that human relations are terribly and undeniably involved in conflicts will finally come true. Now, they will have something, or someone, to do, to think and to feel exactly what they want.

In these conditions, the concept of empathy may begin to disappear. In the future, it will be a real option to program a humanoid to understand us, without having to go through the vicissitudes of imperfect communication.

The sex dolls (and in the near future their male version too) will be ready, for example, to agree to be beaten by their owner, if it gives them pleasure. There will be no legal proceedings. The user may prefer that his humanoid is not an adult, but a child. In this way, he can realize his fantasy as a child molester, without having to face the legal consequences of his behavior. We do not know yet if any of these machines will have the ability to surprise, like the one that led Mark Zuckerberg and his Facebook team to shut down a system.

Sexbots are already on the marketbut what awaits us in the future is unprecedented. Never before has a machine been created so similar to a human being.

The controversies were soon to come, but we all know that there is a law inescapable in the scientific field : Technology can never be pushed back. The future is not clear. We do not know how all this will change human relations, but we know that the world will never be the same again. For now, these are just questions.

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