A mother, we only have one

A mother, we only have one

Can we really say that in life we ​​are alone even though we are surrounded by our family, our couple and our friends? Despite the presence of our loved ones, sometimes we feel alone.

When we are sad or even we cross a depression, they will be a shoulder on which we can always rely, a precious help that will give us courage.

But this help is unfortunately sometimes not enough to make us go up the slope and get out of the hole at the bottom of which we are. In that case, only time can really help us.

Mothers and their eternal forgiveness

Our mothers are always there for us, since the day of our birth. A very strong and natural link is created, and pushes them to always take care of us.

In our childhood, they protect us from all dangers; in our adolescence, they help us to succeed in our studies; when we fall in love for the first time, they advise us to "keep our feet on the ground".

Finally, our mothers are that voice of wisdom we need to make the right decisions in our lives.

They always forgive us each of our mistakeseven when one is unjust with them, that they are reproached for being too protective, that one does not treat them as they deserve, or that one does not have the right reactions.

Illustrator Leo Tolstoy said it: "The heart of a mother is an abyss at the bottom of which you will always find forgiveness".

Indeed, no matter what we do, most of the time, our mothers forgive us all our mistakes.

They need us during their old age

After reading these few lines, you will surely agree to recognize that our mothers deserve from us the greatest of respects.

When they get older, we get the impression that "the roles are reversing" and that it is from now on us who must take care of them, give them affection and tenderness, and make so that, as far as possible, they have everything they need,even more so if their husbands or companions are not there for them.

Have you recently quarreled with your dear mom and are you angry?

The solution is simple: by taking a step towards it, you will give him the most beautiful gift a mother can hope to have: the love, affection and tenderness of a child.

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