A child who reads will be an adult who thinks

A child who reads will be an adult who thinks

Encourage the reading at any age is always synonymous with enrichment; to get our children used to reading at a young age is a total guarantee of a better future.A child who reads will become as he grows an adult with clean ideas and a firm mentality, able to question what surrounds him and to understand his place in the world more easily.

A child who reads will be an adult who thinks, because there is no wider field of knowledge than that which the books offer us. When we read, we feed on theimagination and the reasoning that others have put on white pages, and the more we open ourselves to it, the more we are receptive to it: children, without prejudices, are able to read with all their range of emotions.

A child who reads will be free forever

Reading helps us think, and thinking makes us free ; so, if your child likes to spend time in the books, it is very beneficial that he continues to do so. In fact, it will be the most effective way he will have to see the variety of situations, opinions and behaviors that life offers: surely it will form the child to tolerance and allow it it win respect and solidarity.

"Read is to furnish your own interior apartment"

-Jastin Gaarder-

Often, as adults, it has happened to us that something unknown to our usual little world surprises us, even annoys us. These sensations come mainly from a belief to believe that everything we do not know can not be valid; this thinking derives largely from ignorance.

Reading is like traveling in all directions, especially since it helps us open our minds: a child who reads discovers other cultures, other ways of life, other habits different from his own, and he will know, well before the one who does not read, that there is something else beyond his life daily. This awareness of the world will make him an adult who will escape free value judgments and feel less attached to rules predisposed by other people.

The refuge against the miseries of life

By chance or bad luck, the world is managed by those who believe they are lucid, but are only lived by those who think they are crazy. That's what happened to Don quichotte he read all the time, until he found a way of life based on his beliefs and illusions that then allowed him to be happy, even as the world around him did not change and he remained subject to a conventional reality.

The "crazy" Readers are able to find refuge from the miseries of life, while those who do not live without even being aware of it. That is why you have to let a child cry and laugh with a book, you have to let him fall in love with a storyyou have to support him if he decides to enter the whole field of imagination within the reach of all.

"The less we read, the more we read hurts"

-Miguel of Unamuno-

On the contrary, those who read little or nothing at all will be surprised at what they will find by reading, and it is likely that they will suffer more because of what they will receive, since for them a book will be as a strange entity that seeks to change their conformism. Unamuno's words undoubtedly encourage children to grow up reading, because in this way they will be less vulnerable adults, more able to defend themselves and more human.

Reading: the factory of the imagination

There are various activities that help to develop and foster the imagination regardless of the age we have, among which one of the best is reading: a whole factory where the creativity of the human being is forged and collected.

A child who reads will be an adult who thinks; that's what an awesome thinker said, and he was not wrong. Reading is playing, it's fun, it's building dreamsis to think, it is to develop a state of mind, it is to isolate oneself and to be accompanied, it is to take pleasure. Reading brings good memories, and the more we read, the more we can make sure to forge more others, making our way through our worries.

"Reading is like thinking, like praying, talking with a friend, exposing ideas, listening to other people's ideas, listening to music (yes, yes), watching a landscape, going out doing ballad on the beach "

Roberto Bolaño

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