9 habits of happy people according to Jameson. L. Scott

9 habits of happy people according to Jameson. L. Scott

In a chapter of his book Los 9 hábitos of the gente feliz (In French, "the 9 habits of happy people"), Jameson L. Scott wonders what happiness is, and why we try to reach it at all costs. According to him, happiness comes largely from the ability to give oneself the means to satisfy one's needs or to solve the problems one is confronted with in our life.

So we seek to achieve happiness because it comes down to self-realization and some personal satisfaction. Everyone has their way to achieve happiness. Read this article, and discover the rules that Jameson teaches us, and what happy people apply.

Why the author recommends reading this book

First of all, this book presents itself as a book that captures individual attention and does not seek self-help. It makes us change since the movement and not only since the thought. This is why the author informs us that to continue reading this book, we will have to leave our "comfort zone". This will be the only way to integrate the 9 habits of happy people.

Furthermore, he assures that after reading this book and following the rules in our real life, nothing will be used to read more self help books that, on the other hand, he criticizes harshly. Since the experience, he invites us to self-discovery to get to do only what we need to do: live our life as the only way to be happy.

"The door of happiness opens from the inside, so you have to go back a bit to open it:

if you push it, you always close it a little more. "

– S.A. Kierkegaard –

Happy people do not let the future take precedence over the present moment

Happy people:

  • Socialize without seeking the approval of anyone: happy people know that to be, they must be honest and not be what others want them to be. They know that if they do, then it gives others power over them, which will allow them to guide their lives. A happy person does not cultivate a false image and knows that it can not please everyone.
  • Have some self-esteem: happy people take care of them, give each other affection, reinforce themselves. They do not victimize, insult or reject each other. Moreover, they know what they are capable of, and try to reach things that are within their reach.

  • Accept the circumstances and pursue what they want: this category of people knows the difference between conformism and acceptance, believes in change and struggles before giving up. In addition, happy people are constantly improving, enjoying life and making the most of it.
  • Connect with the present: it is one of the basic habits of happy people. It's about living the present moment and leaving aside the past and the future. This is why happy people spend a few minutes a day meditating, and thus manage to think only of what they are doing, without being disturbed by thoughts about their past or future.
  • Do things they fear and want: they see opportunities as challenges that can help them overcome their fears. They know their fears and act to deal with them. We are talking here about people who have fears, like you and me, but who do not back away from them, and who even manage to give them a place in their lives, considering them as sources of motivation.

"Being stupid, selfish and healthy, I have here the three conditions necessary to be happy."

But if you miss the first, you will be lost. "

– Gustave Flaubert –

Happy people learn and preserve their rest

In addition, happy people:

  • Learn from everything around them: they recognize failure and fail better and better until they reach success. They are aware that to learn, they must act, and gain strength as well as confidence.
  • Sit properly: they sleep more than six hours and less than eight, disconnect two hours a day of what is obligatory, rest without technologies, etc.

  • Follow a balanced diet and exercise: they consider the connection with their body as a communication channel fundamental to their well-being, so that they pay attention to it and take care of it.
  • Have a correct physical posture and breathing: happy people have realized that there are certain postures that limit our actions as well as what we communicate. Finally, they value breathing and how they bring air into their bodies.
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