8 things you need to know about true love

8 things you need to know about true love

To truly love means to know, recognize and assume that we have flaws and qualities just like our partner.

That our habits can be uncomfortable, that life is not always rosy and that we do not live a fairy tale, where princes and princesses love each other without the shadow of a cloud throughout their lives.

No, true love is something that goes beyond that. True and genuine love is a love that transcends differences, that gives us the strength to be tolerant of the small details of life that can hinder us, and that opens doors for us to trust.

One person can not say that she loves another, as long as she does not know her demons, her anger and her contradictions.

You have to truly love to understand that in a relationship, everything is not always beautiful. There can be severe storms, even devastating hurricanes.

In summary, love is lived by taking care of the details, solving puzzles and going back and forth between passion and disillusionment.

If we assume to want to know the deep value of true love, we will discover a world of lasting feelings, that do not throw themselves in the trash at the least difficulty.

Keys to fuel a healthy relationship

True love is a huge challenge. To overcome it, we must get rid of all the ideas that prevent us from seeing the reality of things clearly.

It is therefore important to have in mind some elements that will allow us to simply determine what true love is, and what it is not.

1. Do you like and your life, before falling in love with someone else

To love without dependence, or need to compensate for a void, it is important to consider ourselves to our true value.

To explain it more simply, to be able to say "I love you", one must first know how to say "I love myself".

Self-esteem and self-knowledge are two fundamental keys to building a lasting relationship.

To find the perfect person for you, you must first be able to have a relationship.

It requires an inner work that can be difficult to do, but we assure you that it is worth it.

"If love were a tree, its roots would be self-love. The more you love yourself, the more your love will give fruit to others, and the more it will be sustainable in time "

-Walter Riso-

2. True love is without conditions or exceptions

It is natural and normal not to love everything in our partner. However, these differences are the beauty of things, because they make love more complete.

If we only love someone who pleases us or his idealized image, the tenderness we feel for him will not last forever.

Do not forget that we are beings both filled with light, but also with shadow.

3. To love is not to need, it is to choose

Dependence and love are so different that if we force them to coexist, they destroy each other.

No one in our life can have the responsibility to come to fill the gaps that are in our inner heart.

We choose to love a person freely, we must not need it. This notion of choice gives all the more value to the love that we bring to our partner, because we value his personality and all that he brings us from different.

It is sometimes difficult not to mix these two notions in one and the same relationship.

For this, we must work on ourselves so as not to fall into the trap of "needing someone" to heal our wounds and fill all our gaps.

That's exactly why the key to true love lies in ourselves, not in others.

4. Being the perfect partner does not mean not having problems, but knowing how to solve them

Sometimes we make the mistake of believing that for a relationship to work, it is important to avoid problems at all costs, not to argue with one another, and always to be in complete agreement with the other.

However, true love must face good as well as evil, without being anesthetized through these trials.

Love must allow us to contemplate reality as it is, and to find the strength to solve the problems that arise, with respect, commitment and stability.

5. Love does not grow by itself, it is built

To build love, it is necessary to form a team and establish the rules of the game. Before entering the field, we must know that communication, sincere and empathetic listening, freedom of speech and lack of pretension are fundamental elements that must allow us to get right to the point.

Love is built through the cement of support, recognition and genuine tenderness.It is from the combination of these elements that something stronger than love can be born: complicity.

6. To love fully, it is necessary to establish emotional limits

A healthy relationship is not based on a game of power, or on setting conditions. It is based more on common, balanced and healthy goals.

We must completely get rid of the idea that the notion of love is intimately linked to that of sacrifice.

Some things should not be tolerated in a relationshipsuch as abuse, emotional manipulation, abuse or violation of our values.

All of these behaviors are rooted in a lack of respect and love. We must immediately reject them, and not allow them to cross the limits of our emotions.

7. True love does not require, he offers himself

Love is not linked to the idea of ​​requirement, it is above all freedom and confidence.

Despite this, emotional slavery is much more common than we would like to recognize. In fact, it is essential to get rid of all the misconceptions that circulate about relationships.

For that, it is necessary to eliminate the victimizations, and other reproaches, which pretend to justify bad actions, or hurtful words.

These behaviors keep us stuck in a negative spiral that nurtures our relationship of darkness, lack of trust and false expectations.

In the same way, if you have to sacrifice a part of yourself or your life to be able to be with a person, this love will kill you slowly.

Love is based on the respect and fulfillment of each member of the couple.

8. If love suffocates you, it is because it is not your size

If love hurts you, it means it's not love. You confuse feelings, and you will come out hurt from this experience.

If you are drowning, it is high time to get out of the water. We must not change to please our partner.

If we feel this need, it is because we have not yet found a shoe to our feet.

If the relationship in which we are systematically leads to anxiety, it is better to end it quickly.

If a member of the couple demands that the other person forgets part of his personality, the relationship can not last and must be broken.

It is important to redefine our priorities regularly, to be aware of everything that hurts us.

Each of these keys is fundamental to establishing a healthy and lasting relationship.

It is therefore time to get rid of all ideas about love that contradict the essential values ​​of love, such as freedom, trust and mutual respect.

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