8 sad and melancholic films that will make you feel emotions

8 sad and melancholic films that will make you feel emotions

It is often said that heis very easy to make the viewer laugh, while it is much more complicated to make him cry. Getting to connect with others is a difficult task, but when you get it the results are incredible. The sad films establish this connection with us, leading us to have empathy for the characters.

Watching a film transports us for a few hours in the vital experiences of the protagonists.We feel what they feel, we scream when they cry and we are moved when they are.The magic of cinema acts as a catalyst for our own impulses, represented on the screen by characters we do not know.

Sad films are those that best fit these definitions. Thanks to them, we put ourselves in the place of the characters who suffer andhave to go through a series of difficulties that do not always end well. They always teach us that the important thing is not to give up in the face of adversity.

8 sad films that will move you


This film tells the story of an elderly couple who has to deal with his wife's disease.Misunderstanding, loneliness and compassion are recurring themes. Georges, the protagonist husband, has to face the problems of his wife having reached the stage where she no longer wishes to continue living.

The frustration and the pain make him and his daughter fighting so as not to lose her. The director of the film, Michael Haneke, won an Oscar in 2012 for this magnificent masterpiece thatmust be watched.

Always by your side (Hatchi)

Parker Wilson is a music teacher who one day meets a Hatchi puppy. Despite the refusal of his wife, he ends up keeping him, creating a special connection between the dog and him. This story, based on real facts, emphasizes the loyalty of a dog to his master, who even goes towait every day at the station.

Hotel Rwanda

The genocide perpetrated in Rwanda by the Hutus against the Tutsi ethnic group is here described with coldness and objectivity, but also with courage.The protagonist of the story is Paul, a Hutu who runs a hotel and decides to help hide hundreds of families from the persecution.

His own wife is Tutsi and so much so that their daughters are threatened with death.While waiting for international aid, he will have to bribe the Hutu leaders, face the scarcity of resources and maintain the coolness to save his family.

"Cinema is not an art that films life, cinema is between art and life."

-Jean-Luc Godard-

Brokeback Mountain

Brokeback Mountaintells the love story between two American shepherds. Both of them deny their feelings at the beginning because of social conventions, but then they start a beautiful but turbulent relationship.

The craze is presented here in a simple and natural way, but the film also shows the complexity of the latter because of fearrejection.

The pianist

This beautiful jewel of the filmography of Roman Polanski deals with the life of Wladyslaw,a Polish pianist of Jewish origin.He is forced to stay in the Warsaw ghetto, where he will live in misery and face the horrific barbarities led by the Nazis.

His love for the piano will keep him safe, allowing him to win the favor of an officer who discovers his talent.

My best enemy

Isabel is a fashion photographer who thinks only of her work.She has a relationship with a divorced man, Luke, who is still talking to his ex-wife, the mother of his children, Jackie. Their lives take a 360 degree turnwhen they discover that the latter has terminal cancer, making Isabel have to spend more time with the kids.

My girl

The life of the little Veda is always surrounded by death. His father runs a funeral home in the basement of the house; his mother died giving him birth and his grandmother suffers from Alzheimer's disease. She spends her days peacefully with her best friend, Thomas, but all of this will take a totally different turn when Shelly, the new embalmer, appears in her life.

Dead Poets Society

John Keating is a professor of literature in a male boarding school.His arrival causes emotion and mystery since his teaching methods are not quite orthodox. A group of four friends discovered that the latter belonged to the so-called "Circle of Lost Poets" when he was young.

Keating shows them where they were meeting, an old tree under which they were discussing poetry and expressed their innermost thoughts.

All these sad and melancholic films are intended to make us reflect on the meaning of existence. The characters are not always strong or brave,but it makes them more human and important.Coping with change, good or bad, is essential in our life trajectory.

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