8 questions to get to know a person better

8 questions to get to know a person better

When we want to try to know someone better, we canto use certain questions that will give us tips on his way of thinking and his tastes.We will reveal to you a series of questions to ask to know a person better.

We have to tell ourselves thatwe can not turn conversation into questioning.And that we must also answer the questions of the other person. In this way, she will learn to know us from her side and the relationship will be more rewarding.

Questions to know a person better

Here are some interesting questions to get to know someone better. Thanks to them, you will be able to maintain fascinating conversations:

1. If you could have a super power, which one would you choose?

This question may seem childish but it is unlikely that anyone has ever asked it. Especially with this cult of superheroes that has been in place for several years.It will allow us to know the desires and fears of others, even if it is in a rather subtle way.

Choosing the power of invisibility, for example, may mean that the person is shy.If she wants to fly, it may be because she gives a lot of price to freedom.And if she chooses the faculty of telepathy, it may mean that she is not sure of herself.

2. If you could only have one passion, which one would it be?

That questioncan allow us to know more about the other person's passions. It also tells us what it values ​​most.We can discover the activity that fills it the most and even suggest another that could please him.

3. Which historical character would you like to dine with?

This is an excellent question to knowwhat are the concerns of the other and what are his historical references.If she answers that it would be with Albert Einstein, it may be because she is passionate about physics. If she chooses Gandhi, she may be interested in spirituality.

Knowing what questions to ask the other person allows you to know them better in depth. However, we must not yield to the temptation to turn conversation into questioning.

4. What is the biggest madness you've ever done in your life?

When asking questions to get to know someone better, it can be the most personal. But it will help us to know what kind of emotions this person wants in his life.It will also allow us to know if it is a person with a rebellious spirit or if it prefers more stable situations, with few surprises.

5. Would you prefer to travel in the future or the past?

This question will allow us to know a little more about each other's concerns. If, for example, she chooses to travel to Ancient Greece, this may indicate that she is a person who is interested in culture.If she prefers the novelties and surprises of science, she will logically choose to travel in the future.

6. What type of famous person would you like to be?

In answer to this question, choosing to be an actor, a singer, a scientist, a politician or an athlete allows us to know what kind of person our interlocutor thinks the most.A person who would like to be a famous journalist may be more shy and introverted than someone who would prefer to be a rock star.

7. Where would your ideal holiday be?

This is one of the most classic questions. Thanks to her, one can know the attitudes that the other person adopts in the face of life.Someone who wants a quiet holiday actually may be too much in his daily life and seeks, to rest,the total opposite. It is best if she chooses the place according to her current situation.

8. What is your favorite cartoon?

This question can help us discover more about the other person's tastes, especially if we ask them about cartoons from their childhood.We will know how this person was educated and what were the characters she admired when she was little.

If, on the other hand,you have common tastesin relation to cartoons – or any other genre, in truth – you can talk about it to get to know each other better. Of course, this type of question is flexible. You can decide to talk about books, movies, works of art …

With time, we choose better our friends

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