8 keys to fight against people "I know everything"

8 keys to fight against people “I know everything”

"I know everything" people often create problems in their personal or professional relationships. Their way of acting irritates us: perhaps they have more knowledge and experiences than us / the others, but that does not give them the right to behave as if they knew everything, as if they were always right. That's what really irritates us at home.

In the professional field, unfortunately, the majority of employees At least once in their careers they come up against a colleague or a chef "I know everything". Working with such a person then becomes a tortuous task that can hinder our professional development, or even cause us to end up resigning.

Some tips to learn how to manage people "I know everything"

To be able to fight "I know everything" people, the following strategies can help:

1. Try to be understanding

This colleague may be irritating, but do not forget that his attitude is probably based on a lack of confidence or some deeper problem. Instead of annoying yourself, no matter how tempting, do not look for confrontation, but rather try to empathize with your colleague to try to stop the way he behaves with you. If you show him that the staircase they take does not bring him anything, it will be on his own initiative that he will bring it down.

2. Choose your fights

Interacting with someone "I know everything" can be exhausting, and there are times when the best thing you can do is ignore their "helpful" tips. Therefore, deviate their comments with a simple "thank you for the suggestion" instead of starting a long discussion.

3. Give the example

A leader or leader must especially learn that often, not only is it good not to know everything, but it is also recommended. Saying "I do not know, but we'll find answers or good ideas together" shows that you are flexible and open to other options. Saying "I do not know" can also generate trust and be a sign of openness, vulnerability and honesty.

4. Arm yourself with arguments

If you have to make a public presentation, sell an idea or run a meeting, trust your arguments. Test your sources and check the facts. The more solid your knowledge is, the more difficult it will be for someone "I know everything" to try to stand above you.

When attending a meeting, establish a program, which must be made public beforehand, and dedicate specific time periods for each intervention. Arrive prepared with fact sheets and statistics, so that in case the person "I know everything" interrupts you, you may have something to share with the team. If you are better prepared, there will be less room for the "I know everything" person to try to occupy and invade your space.

The good news is that if you cut the grass under her foot two or three times, she will stop behaving this way with you. Tell yourself that generally, we do not repeat behaviors that did not allow us to achieve our goals.

5. Keep your sense of humor

"I know everything" people can be defensive, and sometimes even aggressive. The last thing you want to do is make them feel back to the wall. That is why, even if it is very tempting to use sarcasm with someone "I know everything", we do not advise you to do so, as this would probably be counterproductive.

Breathe deeply and answer: "I did not know it then!" Laugh it to remind you that often your behavior is harmless and in reality it means nothing. A kind expression or comment can relieve all tensions.

6. Ask questions "test"

Be respectful, but ask detailed questions to pin the "I know everything" person. Ask her why she believes something is true or what her sources are. So, asking direct questions about specific details can show the person "I know everything" that she must inform herself before speaking.

7. Make constructive criticism to this person about his behavior

It is important to recognize, however, that "I know everything" people are probably unaware of the real effect of their attitude on others. If you know such a person and you think that's his case, it might be good to him tactfully point out a private conversation. What is important is that it makes her want to analyze her attitude, and that she does not feel attacked in a personal way.In the latter case, we could destroy it or give it the opposite effect, which would then intensify its "unbearable" way of behaving.

Bear in mind that people "I know everything" can have very little confidence in them, and that could be a blow to their ego. Remind them what's important to the team, and more importantly, remind them how important it is for others to have space to bring things.

8. Avoid involving your boss when "I know everything" people do not pose a great threat to work

If you do not have other alternatives, keep a positive tone and, instead of complaining about the person, focus on what you are willing to do to make sure the work is done right. If the situation becomes really unbearable, talk to your boss and let them know how the "I know everything" behavior affects the team and the work environment.

These are some strategies that can help us, this list is not exhaustive. However, managing people "I know everything" is above all an exercise in patience in which our emotional intelligence and communicative ability come into play.

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