8 books to read absolutely!

8 books to read absolutely!

When we discover in one way or another a book that really touches us, it is as if we had discovered the most precious treasures.

Sometimes they are discovered at random, in the family library, and sometimes it is a friend who recommends it. Today we are going to be this friend and fill you up with books.

Everyone likes it, of course, but there are books that do not go unnoticed by anyone. Here is a list to keep in mind!

1. The man in search of meaning. The psychiatrist Viktor Frankl he himself suffered the horror of the Nazi concentration camps. He drew strength by thinking of his relatives, interned in other camps, who would wait for him at the end of the war, when the horror would cease.

Unfortunately, it never happened. His relatives have all died in the camps, but in the face of this catastrophe, Frankl has found new strengths to make sense of his life: Tell his story and develop a theory to help people in difficulty. Without any doubts, this book is a life lesson, which we should all read.

2. Sidharta of Herman Hesse. Herman Hesse has become a reference for young people of his generation and succeeding generations.
In this book he tells the journey that leads Sidharta to the search for wisdomand although it does not directly describe Buddha's life, the narrative is undoubtedly inspired.

It is a discussion of pride and human individuality in the face of the world and history, a book that allows us to come together and get closer to our inner spirituality.

3. The Alchemist of Paulo Coelho. A book sold in more than 10 countries. This is a character who walks away from home in search of a treasure. His journey is fed by adventures and mishaps. It's back home that the character finally finds his treasure … A book to remind us of what we have and seek.

4. Sophie's World of Jostein Gaarder. Philosophy and psychology are undoubtedly related. For all lovers of philosophy, Gaarder offers a journey through the history of philosophy, told to a little girl, Sophie, by a philosopher who teaches him life through the philosophical prism.

This is a bestseller that has quickly become a compulsory reading in schools and helps us train a little more as a full person.

5. The emotional intelligence of Golemann. Since Golemann released his book in 1995, we have not stopped hearing about emotional intelligence.

This book is a necessary basis for understanding oneself, better understanding others and to learn with and through our emotions. Without a doubt it will make you think about your emotional intelligence ability and your ways to increase it to be happier, and start seeing things in a new light.

6. The strength of Luis Rojas Marcos Optimism. Luis Rojas Marcos has become one of the best Spanish psychiatrists, having a great ability to simply communicate everything that refers to our emotions and thoughts. It is perhaps his humility, his simplicity or his calm that make him an orator worthy of being listened to.

We therefore recommend this book in which he shows us that optimism helps us in many situations of life. Do not hesitate to watch his television interventions, rare but still very interesting.

7. Overcome panic, anxiety and phobias of Linda Manassee Buell. This woman tells us about her experience with anxiety and panic.

Supervised by the doctor of psychology Brenda Wierderhold, this little book is a pearl. This is a great help for people who suffer from chronic anxiety or who have loved ones suffering from these ailments.

8. The Buddhist Meditation of Ramiro Calle. It has already been shown that regular practice of meditation has many benefits for our health.

For all those who would like to know more about this subject, Ramiro Calle, specialist in this theme offers all the keys to understanding.

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