7 very strange sexual practices (paraphilias)

7 very strange sexual practices (paraphilias)

It is often said that tastes and colors can not be explained. But some have already tried to write about paraphilias and unconventional sexual practices. The human being can have multiple sexual preferences and be excited by very different objects.

Paraphilias are manifested by an intense and persistent sexual interest, different from the sexual interest considered as normal. This does not mean that it is good or bad, but simply that it is different. Neither do we consider this a disorder, because to do so, they must create discomfort or deterioration in the individual or present a danger for other people.

"No one is like another. Neither worse nor better. He is different. And if two people agree, it's because of a misunderstanding.
– Jean paul Sartre-

There are paraphilias that are relatively frequent, such as exhibitionism or voyeurism. Other paraphilias, such as fetishism or masochism, generate large amounts of money every year. We will, however, allow you to discover some of the strangest sexual practices.

The yiff

Ursusagalmatophilia, soft-tissue, furry sex, yiff or murrsuiting are people who are excited by teddy bears or people disguised as teddy bears. It is not about zoophilia, because it is not the animals that arouse their interest, but people disguised as animals or animals with human characteristics.

The furry furry is not really a sexual practice. In fact, those who have sex with soft toys or who dress with costumes to perform sexual acts represent a minority within this broad phenomenon.The murrsuiting or yiff, the sexual variant of the furry, is a practice much more minority which is badly seen and who is often pursued in the furry universe.

Many furry conventions are held in the United States and Europe. Still, finding murrsuit conventions or yiff parties is much more complicated. Despite this, there are a large number of websites, forums or specialized groups that organize meetings and offer videos and images related to this theme.

The farting

By olfactophilia or osmolagna, the person gets the excitement through the smells. In this area, we find farting, also known as ephtophilia, flatophilia or pedorasty, which concerns thesexual arousal thanks to the smells of the human body, and concretely through the smell of intestinal gas.

The senses of smell and hearing are important parts of this preference, just like touch or sight. There are people who prefer to be very close to the source, in direct contact, while others prefer that the smell lingers on the clothes and passes through.

Although this may be considered as one of the strangest paraphilias, one can nevertheless find wax videos on the major websites devoted to adult content. Currently, even though there are no scientific studies on this paraphilia, however, we have described cases like Brad's, told Mark D. Griffiths.

"One of my most common fantasies is to receive a reward after completing a task (…). There is an idea of ​​submission, not necessarily masochism. An idea of ​​being here without being the center of attention, where it allows me to be there without complaining too much about myself. "

Spectrophilia or exobiophilia

More than a paraphilia, we consider this a phenomenon that some people have experienced. There are stories about how they had sex with ghosts (spectrophily), or extraterrestrials (exobiophilia), while others fantasize about having sex with them. or ask for advice on Internet forums for this to happen.

The case of Carla Moran, known as the Doris case, related to this phenomenon, is well known. The protagonist woman describes how she was raped by three entities she considered ghosts. Other women, such as singer Kesha or the late actress Anna Nicole Smith also claimed to have similar experiences.

It would be imprudent to have a quick judgment on this phenomenon. We advise you, if something similar has happened to you, consult a trusted professional, a psychologist or a psychiatrist, to tell him about your experience in more detail and understand together what happened.

The feederism

Sometimes, food and related aspects are objects of sexual desire. An example of this is thefeederism, or the excitement of finding pleasure in eating or fattening.

Within this subculture, we can distinguish two different roles: feeders and feedees. Feeders, or feeders, are people who say they are sexually excited by feeding their partners and they also encourage them to gain weight. On the other hand, feedees are people who are excited about eating or gaining weight.

Currently, it is not known whether this paraphilia has a specific entity or whether it is rather a variation of other similar paraphilias such as morphophilia, the attraction for people with certain physical characteristics. However, with or without a proper entity, currently, this paraphilia makes a large number of followers, and the existing audiovisual material on this theme is varied and diverse, and even inspired a fiction film entitled "Feed".

The tentacle rape

The "tentacle rape", the "rape by tentacles" or "shokushu goukan" is a genre that is very popular among a certain type of population. As its name suggests, it is a variant for which the tentacles are the main protagonist.These may belong to animals, to fictional monsters, or to persons disguised with tentacles.

Although the genre is known as "rape tentacle", the fantasy is not always accompanied by rape, because the act is sometimes granted. In spite of this, domination predominates, because the woman, who is normally the person exposed to the tentacles, is immobilized and subjected to her dominator..

The "rape tentacle" is a subgenre of the hentai, relatively consumed and extended. Although the term hentai – a word that refers to the genre of manga or cartoon with pornographic content – originated in Japan, the consumption of this material has grown and spread to other countries. There are websites devoted exclusively to this sub-genre, as well as many videos on the subject.

The fetish crush

The fetish crush is one of the strangest paraphilias and this consists of sexual arousal through crushing things, for example, fruits, insects or even living things.It's a mixture of foot fetishism, domination and sadism. Objects that are usually crushed are fruits or small animals.

There are websites devoted exclusively to fetish crush on which we show images or videos of women who crush various objects or animals. On these images, one shows mainly the feet of a woman and the act or remains of what has been crushed.

There are two degrees of practice: soft fetish or hard fetish. In the soft fetish, one crushes fruits, insects or small molluscs, whereas in hard fetish, the victims of this cruelty can even be rabbits, kittens or birds. Anyway, when using live animals in this practice, this is considered animal abuseand it is therefore likely to be denounced.

The Doorknob Shojo

The Doorknob Shojo is photographing girls licking door handles. These images, which are far from innocent, have obvious sexual connotations because in most cases, one simulates positions and facial expressions characteristic of fellatio.

The story of the Doorknob Shojo started on Twitter and is the result of a conversation through this social network. Fashion has quickly become viral, several blogs have been created containing photographs of girls licking door handles, and a TV show related to this phenomenon has even been broadcast.

Sometimes the fantasy is not limited to licking the handle, but includes games with that object.There are also other very similar variants of this practice, for example the use of the car's shift lever instead of the door handle.

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